Controller support - Which one - x360ce Vibmod or Xpadder (Facts Inside)

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User Info: crazyinfo

7 years ago#1
OK I have to admit that I am an avid fan of Xpadder, BUT I have been hearing and reading about this controller mod called x360ce Vibmod so I decided to just out right go off hating like a lot of people do... I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. I downloaded and installed it.

So I have both used Xpadder and x360ce Vibmod. I wanted to test the limits of both of them, so I have done a very thorough comparison using both programs with various controllers on both, various games and programs (Yes Programs) with those controllers.

I also used the most commonly found controllers and one or 2 other odd ones lying around

My computer specs:
OS: VISTA 32 Service Pack 2
CPU: Intel i7 @ 2.8 ghz 8 MB Cache (Stock, Not Over Clocked)
4 GB Ram
GPU: XFX Nvidia GTX 260

Settings used on games was all as high as I could get them, and anti-Aliasing set to x16 where possible

Controllers used on Both for test are these:
XBOX 360 (Wired)
Random Joystick I found

OK now I wanted to test these out on games that have controller support and games that restricted to keyboard and mouse only now here are the games I tested these on:

Alone In The Dark 5
Assassins Creed II
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Bioshock 2
Burnout Paradise
Dark Sector
Dark Void
Dawn Of Magic
Dead Space
Diablo II
Dungeon Siege II
John Woos Stranglehold
Just Cause 2
Metro 2033
Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Silent Hill Homecoming
Split Second
Street Fighter 4
Warcraft II Frozen Throne


RESULTS FOR x360ce Vibmod

1. Didn't work with some of the controllers I plugged in and couldn't get the joystick to work, some of the thumb sticks on the controllers wouldn't work.

2. I found I actually had to mess around with the file settings a lot with a lot of games and then download additional stuff and drivers and things like that just to get some controllers to work.

3. Found the controls on a lot of stuff mostly racing games to be very sluggish and quirky and the response time lagged some times.

4. It doesn't support EVERYTHING, A lot of games Yes, but not everything and almost no programs.

5. There was no way to use it with games that were restricted to keyboard and mouse only such as Diablo II WOW Dungeon Siege II


1. Worked with every single controller I plugged into my computer INCLUDING the Joystick and all parts of all controllers worked thumb sticks and all.

2. I did not have to mess with any files or make any adjustments, I did not have to download anything extra no drivers no nothing, every controller worked right off the bat

3. Controls were flawless on every game I played, and the response time was just about perfect Xpadder is compatible with EVERY single GAME ever made regardless of the year or how old the game is.

4. Xpadder supported everything, every game and program I used with it

5. I was able to use all the above controllers on games that are restricted to keyboard and mouse
These games worked Diablo II, WOW, Dungeon Siege II


x360ce Vibmod is limited to what it can do and cannot do things Xpadder can do:

Xpadder is not limited and it can do everything x360ce Vibmod can do PLUS it can do things x360ce Vibmod cannot do.

x360ce Vibmod is half of a prgram/mod
Xpadder is a fully versatile program

When it comes to getting things, why would you get half a program that doesn't run nearly as good as a full program that does it all and runs far superior.

Well those are the facts, take em or leave em and people don't have to like them, but they do have to accept them.
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