Districts almost done...for except 1 Water Tower or so...

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User Info: Ultimate1710

6 years ago#1
Hey Guys,

as the topic says, i'm stuck at the districts (except for the harbor-district, i finished that one)

I got like 98% at the Financial one

But maybe I'm blind, stupid or both but: I'm not able to find the last piece of the "puzzle"

I became so mad, that i downloaded the "Super Remote Bombs" and spammed the District full of it, but with no success.

Is it a bug? And is there a more powerful weapon like an Atomic Bomb? I tried the Nuke-Launcher, but it crashes my game, so this is not a good choice.

Sorry for the bad english


User Info: LordRork

6 years ago#2

Well, if you have blown the place to bits, how about checking around for all the collectables (weapon parts/health)?

It's that or a transformer on a electricity pole somewhere.

User Info: Ultimate1710

6 years ago#3
Thanks for the Help LordRork

Sure it's a Generator in the Financial District? My "Signal" also don't react anymore, so i guess i collected everything.

Any "tiny bits" that are well hidden? I found the gas station under the bridge, i also checked the "X and Y"-Map Markers for that one, but every propaganda-car, every gas station, every statue and also every collectable was found (?). Also on the Skyscrapers the Detector is quiet.

Residential District is finished too now, it was a Baby Panay-Statue in some "Forest" of the City. So lets focus on the financial one.

User Info: ColonelBauer

6 years ago#4

In the Financial district, or a similar city, I didn't have 100% yet and could never find that missing item. One day I was F'ing around killing Heat on the highway and we stopped, had a gun battle, and right next to the highway was a little water tower. Shot it up and got my 100%. This was purely a random and somewhat maddening event.

User Info: opfer_gv

6 years ago#5
Statue, gas/petrol station, water tank, electric transformer, propaganda wagon.. you could missed something. Also climb every roof top as well as look under the bridge just in case you missed one parts/armor box.
After series of bad lucks, there is always good luck follows.
- Syuji Terayama.

User Info: Ultimate1710

6 years ago#6
Alright Guys, thanks for the Help, i may try ColonelBauers "Water Tower right of the Highway".

@ opfer_fv

Well, i looked at another message board, they had all the coordinates for statues, gas stations, water towers and the propaganda-cars, checked all coordinates, everything destroyed so far.

It really drives me mad, why is Square Enix so mean? ^.- Well. I hope i will find it soon enough.

User Info: AvatarBlue

6 years ago#7

Whats the name of this site? Im having the same problems with the Park District. Im sure I have all the Statues, Prop. trailers, petrol stations and caches.... well pretty sure. And fly above the city, there are no water towers left. Checked near the elevated highway- above and below it - nada. And in the surrounding islands - were there is only one statue and 2 + 1 caches hidden on a hill-site.

Still one thing missing as Ive got 100%, but no tick.

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