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User Info: CowDude_1

7 years ago#1
NO ONE POST UNTIL I AM FINISHED (I will announce so on my last post)
Request this thread to be a sticky. How to do: under my username, click on "message detail." At the bottom of that page, type in your reasons and click "request sticky."

1AINFO - General info about thread content and posting info
1BNOTES - Additional notes
1CLOCATIONS - Locations and Coordinates for discovered secrets, objects and locations

1AINFO - Content info and Posting Info
The content of this topic is to find and chronicle things within the game, and provide an easy reference for anyone who wishes to locate and find these areas within their game.

With any standalone post about a new object, you should provide either an exact X and Y coordinate (found in the upper right corner on the in-game map), a Youtube video of the object in question, or a name of a nearby area.

It is highly recommended to have the X and Y coordinates, but if you cannot find them, a Youtube video will suffice until someone can post the direct coordinates. Also include at least a name of what you are posting, and a description if you so desire.

The general things that should be posted here include but are not limited to:
Rare weapon locations
Locations where unique/rare automobiles, watercraft, or aircraft spawn or are located at
Hidden areas, secrets, easter eggs, or other things that the developers put in

1BNOTES - Additional notes index
1BSPOIL - Spoilers info
1BAIRP - Airport 100% completion and aircraft spawns
1BPRIV - Information on how direct Youtube uploads will be set to private

1BSPOIL - Marking Spoilers info
This thread's purpose is not to spoil content of the story or missions. It will however, occasionally do so. Major story spoilers should be marked, however most of the videos and locations posted pertain to only spoiling secret areas and objects within the game. If you wish to remain unspoiled and discover most of the sights on your own, these non-story/mission spoilers will not be marked.
Though, given the sheer size and amount of content within the in-game map, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to discover all of these secrets on your own.
Again, easter eggs and hidden areas/secrets will not be marked as spoilers. Neither will vehicles or base/airport/port locations.
However, some videos may contain mission spoilers, and these should be marked. Aside from these mission or story spoilers, no other spoilers will be marked.

Pertaining to military manned aircraft: if you 100% complete an airport, the military planes that take off on the runway will no longer spawn. This does not relate to empty aircraft in hangars (those will still remain), but those in which the enemy will pilot off of the runway. If there are any special planes that are only found by hijacking from enemies on runways, they will no longer exist if you have completed the airport(s) in which they may be located.
If you wish to maintain the ability to utilize all of the aircraft in the game, it is best to not complete an airport until you know for sure that no unique planes spawn there, or until you no longer desire to use the airport for any planes it may spawn. For this reason it is best to leave at least one item crate or destructible object at an airport to ensure that it is not 100%.

User Info: CowDude_1

7 years ago#2
1BPRIV - Information on how direct Youtube uploads will be set to private
The PS3 version of Just Cause 2 has a direct upload to Youtube feature that can either capture footage on demand, or save the last 30 seconds of gameplay. An important note in when uploading these videos is that they are automatically set to private when directly uploaded from the PS3.
This means that no one will be able to view them but yourself unless you make them public. In order to do this:
Go to the 'my videos' page once signed in on YouTube.
Click 'edit' to alter a video.
Go to the 'Broadcasting and Sharing Options' section
Click 'Share your video with the world (Recommended)' to make your video public
Finally, go back to the top or bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes'
Your video is now public, and can be viewed by anyone

1CLOCATIONS - Locations and Coordinates for discovered secrets, objects and locations
This is the main point of this thread. To gather and post findings of secret, rare or unique objects or locations. Many special thanks to all who uploaded videos, helped with coordinates and helped with bumping in my original thread.

Anyone feel free to contribute and add any more locations or videos of discoveries in addition to or in ratification of these coordinates.

Here are two maps that can aid in coordinate finding:

Map with some of these locations and a few more on it

Map that you can input coordinates into and see where they are on the ingame map

Lost Island (possible missions spoilers)
Island in the top left of the map, a reference to the TV show Lost. It causes your aircraft to blow up if you fly over it.
This island contains many easter eggs, including SOS writing, a plane crash and a hatch.
It also has a tower and enemies with odd masks.
Coordinates for hatch are X:1743 Y:4363
coordinates for SOS writing and plane are X: 1299 Y: 3615
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8r7rlJQ3pk (video of hatch)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XRa4gHnbC4 (video of SOS writing and plane)

Bubble Blaster (gun that shoots bubbles)
X: 4245 Y: 25978

X: 20542 Y: 11837
Top of the world area for trophy (go here to get the Trophy/Achievement "Top of the World"

Mile High Club (floating dance club blimp)
X: 29487 Y: 11448

Easy money (20k in 10 seconds)
X: 15891 Y: 4338
Unlock this race by completing Roaches strongholds missions. Complete this straightforward skydive in about 10 seconds and get $20,000

Easy money (20k in 30 seconds)
Unlock this race event by doing Roaches stronghold missions. Complete this short 30 second race for $20,000. Climb back up and repeat for easy money.

Location for easy C4 and Grenades
X: 17342 Y: 4196

Island with RPG, tons of ammo and speedboats
X: 20475 Y: 31170
Including rocket launcher is on the shrine floor in the middle of the island.
There are machine gun turret-mounted speedboats at the main shore.
There is also tons of pistol/smg/etc ammo littered around the island in crates

User Info: CowDude_1

7 years ago#3
G9 Eclipse Aircraft Locations (extremely fast, armed military plane):
X:28412 Y: 5704
X: 22163 Y: 23265
(Kem Udara Wau Pautas airport, found one taking off)

474 Aircraft Locations (huge passenger planes)
A few of them are stationary at the Panau International Airport
(near ring of islands near main capital in mid left section of map)

Location for 2 Bering l-85D P planes (huge military plane)
(don't have locations but I have videos and airport names)
If you go searching for these planes, some people call them the C-130 or the Hercules plane.
Desert Camo version
Kem Jalan Merpati Airport in the desert

Woodland Camo version
Kem Udara Wau Pantas Airport

Flyable Hot Air Balloon
X:7350 Y:16192
Hot Air Balloon that can be piloted
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWy-s7-tDvk (tutorial on how to fly)

Shipwreck in desert
X: 10437 Y: 23499

Bananas that spell out a message
X: 21914 Y: 20264

Beached whale (whale that you can blow up to get to an armor part)
X: 29588 Y: 31388

Fake shark (fin & propellor)
X:12866 Y:22465

User Info: CowDude_1

7 years ago#4
Pie Island
X: 24500 Y: 900

Baby Panay Billboard easter egg
Coordinates = anywhere there is a billboard of Baby
Grapple and press triangle to put glasses and fake moustache on him

Mt. Rushmore parody area (faces in a mountainside)
around X: 30658 Y: 30853

Racetrack near Bandar Selekeh
X: 9770 Y: 11413

Stunt Ramps
X: 26638 Y: 16439
(between two bridges
X: 8353 Y: 24554

Frozen Lake
X: 22195 Y: 7757

"Cradle" military base, reminiscent of the one in Goldeneye.
X: 23440 Y: 17420

Skull face island
located at Pulau Berapi, the miliatry port that's an upside down U (between the two main continents)

Ski Resort Town with lifts
X: 24574 Y: 14786

Indestructible snowman
X: 23716 Y: 13669

Small beachside club
X: 15163 Y: 22818

Stop Sign at base of ocean

I Am Legend movie chair reference (area where he gave out radio broadcasts to survivors)
X: 18207 Y: 21543

User Info: CowDude_1

7 years ago#5
Finally, a few things that I need confirmation for, including possible names, details, or videos of

If anyone has a location for a grenade launcher that is always there outside of missions, it would be appreciated.

Also, if anyone can confirm and/or upload videos of the locations/objects on this map, that would be great.
Especially the vehicles, we don't have many locations for them.

Black sportscar location (sometimes spawns with turret) (Need confirmation and name)
X: 6438 Y: 24311

Dirt Track
X: 30328 Y: 15517

Sniper Rifle location
X: 6524 Y: 27630

X: 7586 Y: 24333

Stinger Dunebug 84
X: 7105 Y:26022

Weapon Stash
X: 4444 Y: 24857

Rally Course
X: 29624 Y: 13444

Remember to request sticky and contribute if you have anything.
You may now post freely

User Info: Indyclone77

7 years ago#6
Awesome guide

User Info: Lp Made Skater

Lp Made Skater
7 years ago#7
dude epic win.. requested sticky
: like skate videos? homemade part 2 video http://bit.ly/2wDCam

User Info: The_Spenny

7 years ago#8
Good topic, I expected something that had already been done - but yours is very good.
If you could solve the Leisureliner mystery it would be EPIC.
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User Info: SykoslocosXRZ

7 years ago#9
sticky requested

PSN: SykoslocosX
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User Info: GusBa

7 years ago#10
thank you. definately worthy of a sticky
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