best weapons to upgrade in your opinion

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User Info: Sephka_BIight

7 years ago#1
i havent upgraded anything yet as im just trying to get a feel of each weapon. anyways I just wanted to get some input on this. thanks in advance
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User Info: thebobevil

7 years ago#2
Grenades, triggered explosives, revolver, smg ... IMO

Grenades and triggered for obvious reasons ... more damage

revolver ... BOOM! headshot!, plus it's common, so ammo is plentiful ... and it's better than the pistol, IMO

SMG ... the damn thing is everywhere, easy ammo, so a good standard sidearm.
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User Info: ChampTKE

7 years ago#3
assualt rifle, IMO

User Info: acdimps

7 years ago#4
as you progress in the game, enemies switch from carrying handguns /SMGs -> carrying revolvers nad assault rifles.

assault rifle is beastly with upgrades, as is revolver. Bazooka is great end-game, and there is a reliable spot to find bazooka ammo (search the forum)

Anyway, the beginning of the game is easy enough, I'd suggest holding off on upgrades until you start seeing more Assault rifles being carried around.
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User Info: StormXY

7 years ago#5
Grenades and Triggered as mentioned.

Completely disagree on revolver vs pistol, but that's really just personal preference.

SMGs are a good choice. Assault rifles and machines guns I like, but others seem to prefer skipping those, just using an SMG for any rapid fire needs and just using the rocket launcher or sniper for their 2 handed weapon.

User Info: Super_Tom

7 years ago#6
Assault Rifle
Rocket Launcher.

User Info: TheSocialBunny

7 years ago#7
Without a doubt, the first thing I'd max out is the SMG. SMGs are very common to find, so ammo isn't a big problem compared to a lot of other weapons. Very deadly when dual wielded as well and the auto aim area is quite generous, especially at maximum power.

For two handed weapons, the Assault rifle is great, what it lacks in ability over the two handed Machine Gun, it makes up in how common it is to find ammo which is a lot more important in my experience.

Between Grenades and Triggered Explosives, I personally prefer the later, but grenades are much more common, so unless you're okay with buying explosives or have a good place to restock, I'd recommend Grenades.

User Info: ricco21

7 years ago#8
If weapons that I've upgraded also apply to weapons that I pick up from dead enemies, then is it fair to assume that these weapons have more damage when they are being used against me?

User Info: beadlehands

7 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Fdshadow

7 years ago#10
Grenades for the explosive radius and the fact that it destroys pretty much anything in one blast on higher levels.

SMGs for the sheer amount of ammo you find for it.

Sawn-off for the high power it yields, when combined with the SMG you can spray weak enemies while instagibbing tougher ones.

Assault rifle for the ammo you find and the high power it has (just remember to fire in bursts, or even single-shot, much more efficient).
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