Cape Carnival 90%

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User Info: iplant

7 years ago#1
1. Destroy Statue
2. Destroy 3 fuel tanks
3. Destroy Tower line and 1 tower line
4. Center of the base has 1 armor box. (an enemy with rocket launcher, down the stair)
5. the opposite 3 tower surrounding the base has at least 1 box.
6. outside the base has small outpost, each three base has 3 box.

What am i missing?

User Info: fatbert

7 years ago#2
Was there not some radar dishes?

User Info: DV8ingSources

7 years ago#3
There were at least 2 sam sites if I recall.

User Info: TimberWolfBobby

7 years ago#4
I only need one more item here, and I think it might be the tower lines you're speaking of..where are they located exactly?
GT: TenaciousBobby

User Info: GTR34mh

7 years ago#5
3 SAM sites and the boxes next to each runway aren't on your list...

User Info: iplant

7 years ago#6
Oh yea.. i forgot to mention 3 SAM site. What else?

7. 3 SAM site destroy

User Info: iplant

7 years ago#7
Timber, i think it is near one of the chopper if i recall it correctly.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

7 years ago#8
I wouldn't 100% the cape. Good fighter jet stops spawning if you do.

User Info: HellSpirit

7 years ago#9
What jet stops spawning? There is always one in the runway hanger that I can jack even since I 100%'d it.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

7 years ago#10
Really? I went back and it didn't show up. Maybe I'll go and check again sometime.
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