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User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#1
Ok, I've been working on Panau City for the past couply of days now. Completing races and working towards the 100% on each district. The Financial District is at 98%, I've searched every possible part of that district and there are no more water towers, gas stations, panay statues or resources. My signal for the resources doesn't show up on the outskirts, innerskirts and even on top of the tallest buildings.

Has any1 else had trouble with these districts?? I've got 91% on the park district, 96% on the docks district and I have completed the military stronghold there. I haven't started the residential district yet.

This city seems to be the only impossible place to complete 100% on O.o

To begin with i thought I might of needed to complete atleast 90 something percent on each district to actually get 100% overall seeing as how they're all the same part of the city. Is this the case or are these places just really hard.
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User Info: Sneaky Assassin

Sneaky Assassin
7 years ago#2
I've got all checked apart from docks which I haven't quite completed yet.

Trick is to break them up into little sections and just go round each section in the K22 helo close to tops of buildings, make sure you do a full 360 of each section of the buildings for hidden water towers.

Go slowly, keep on checking the wifi signal and check under bridges as I'm sure there was a gas station hidden under one.

I got to 100% but no check mark on most of the first sweeps of the city, but missed 1 gas pump that didn't explode and 1 hidden water tower.

They are quite frustrating to collect all the stuff but it is possible so keep trying. Sorry not much help.

User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#3
I finally did the Docks District 100% ^^
I only had that last 2% to go. I was just riding around and found a Panay Trailer, blew it up and nearby was a resource item on top of a building. It's amazing how you think you have covered the whole area and you still have that tiny bit in the middle of the city >.<

I'm working on the Park District now. I'm at 91% so I understand that there are going to be a few more resource items and maybe some trailers hidden. Going slow on a bike atm, gonna have to use my ears alot aswell lol. i've been searching for 10 minutes and it's getting hard lol. Haven't found anything at all in these 10 minutes.
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User Info: fatbert

7 years ago#4
There are posts on searching cities, but if I can offer an additional tip it would be to start in one place and go around the whole city. Just follow the road around a city in a circle, then you know you cleared the perimeter and only the middle portion remains. The cities are so large you need some kind of system to this madness.

User Info: azerbo

7 years ago#5
i wish they gave you a list of the things, either collectibles or destructibles, that you're missing. something similar to the vehicles list

User Info: Kiast

7 years ago#6

Heh, I got 100% on both the Financial and Residential districts, but they weren't checked off.

Had one water tower left in both, found them almost immidiately as I entered each district. Lucky.

All I can say is like someone else said, break each area into sections (I divided mine by the main highway, any canals that ran through them, or noticible streets on the minimap) and search the heck out of them. Also check under the main highway bridge that usually runs the length of each district, there was a Gas station under one part.

Also, there are a few districts with little shacks or shrines that are on tree-covered hills that are away from the main part of the district, don't forget those.

Took me forever to 100% the entire city. Probably never going to do that again.

User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#7
I did the Park District about an hour ago lol. It was the longest 9% I've ever had to get. I had like a water tower somewhere, I think I found a resource box and I was left with about 93%. I went searching, checked the map and was wondering what that white road looking thing was on the map near a race. When there with my heli and found out it was a dirt track leading towards a statue and an item. Collected that and got to 100%, no checkmark. Went down a little bit and saw another road break off from the dirt track and another item.

Going to work on the Financial District which is already at 98%. These districts really need you to have the eyes of an eagle >.<
I guess alot of it comes down to luck. Sometimes you think you've visited everywhere, but somewhere in the middle is a water tower and a gas station calling you.

I think the worst structures to find are the trailers. So hard, even tho they have announcements when you get nearby, but you have to be pretty close to hear it.
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User Info: Kiast

7 years ago#8

For the Propaganda Trailers, here's my advice.

Take an attack helicopter and fly down roads, but make sure to keep an eye out for any "open" space on the side of the roads. The trailers tend to have 10-20 feet of nothing near them.

Fly down a road looking at both sides carefully, turn around and do it again.

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