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User Info: yankeefan03

6 years ago#1
I have heard from a few people this is a great game and worth buying so I may give it a go. Though how is the free roam? Is it just incredibly big with nothing to explore or is there stuff to explore? To the people who have logged over 50 hours(I see alot of people on here claiming this) what keeps bringing you back to playing it? Last question is there coop?
"I would like to hear a couple of the new tracks just to wet my appetite."
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User Info: DrJawless

6 years ago#2
No co-op.
The game is kinda empty in between towns.
I love coming back to it because the scenery is amazing and just flying around and parachuting about is so much fun.

I suggest you give the demo a try.

User Info: KutKuSlayer

6 years ago#3
i have 60+ hours logged, and its just so much fun.
im stuck at 50% because i just mess about on the freeroam and reload my save afterwards :)

i recommend playing the demo to see how you like it :D
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User Info: yankeefan03

6 years ago#4
So I bought this game and find it pretty frustrating so far. I sadly cant seem to get the grapple hook or parachuting down. I just hope everyone went through something like this? I am so far escaping with Blaine with the car and was wondering when can I just start exploring?
"I would like to hear a couple of the new tracks just to wet my appetite."
X-Box Live Gamertag--GageIsLegend

User Info: Dox4242

6 years ago#5
Free-roam is open after the car chase. Extraction is open after you do a Stronghold takeover and complete it to 100%. Parachuting and grappling is awkward, but the more you experiment with it, the better you get. I enjoy tethering pursuing vehicles to the side of the road and watching them flip end over end yards off the road. ;)

User Info: DesertZero

6 years ago#6
There is a learning curve to the grapple/parachute. I had the same growing pains when I first started (I failed the first parachute drop at the start of the game, lol), but the skill comes in time and boy is it fun.

User Info: GoodOlJr

6 years ago#7
The game is absoluely awesome. I play the pc version though, the game is gorgeus, and the best open world experience I've ever had

User Info: el3ctricm3nk3y

6 years ago#8
If you havnt already, theres some free DLC for this game and the upgraded parachute they offer is less sloppy control wise then the stock one they give you. You have to buy it from the black market each time you load the game up or die. But its worth it since the control is more precise.
I also changed my control setting for the aiming reticle. I have them both set at 50. Seems to get on target quicker and has more of a even feel to it, then the default setting.
Thats just 2 suggestions that can help ya, but for the most part its just playing the game and developing the muscle memory for it along with some trial and error. You will get to a point where its second nature and it makes the game come alive when you can just rip it up like Rico was meant to do.

User Info: yankeefan03

6 years ago#9
Finally beat that mission but I must really suck at this game. I died on the first mission after that one. Is there anyway for me to get helicopters or planes to start exploring everything instead of doing missions?
"I would like to hear a couple of the new tracks just to wet my appetite."
X-Box Live Gamertag--GageIsLegend

User Info: pakathecat

6 years ago#10
It is a little tricky to get the hang of, but you'll get used to it. I also died on that second car mission once, before I was comfy with the controls. The game IS pretty difficult though at times, don't let dying discourage you. There is no real penalty for it. Extraction seems to be linked to chaos, and once that opens up, easier to get around. In the meantime, find an army base or communication outpost; those sometimes have choppers to steal.

Do the stronghold misssions ASAP, IMO. They open up other stuff, and are pretty easy-- actually, they are almost all identical... open gate, shoot soldiers, take out stronghold commander, "Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio!!" about sums up the whole nine.

My main tip would be, save ammo and use choppers with guns and mounted weapons as much as possible. You can detach mounted guns and walk off with them (though slowly); I've occasionally spent ten minutes or more in real time hauling one to a location to destroy stuff because I didn't want to waste money.

Keep in mind also that as your chaos goes up the difficulty will increase at points. Even on causal I can get owned quickly just trying to storm a base. Best bet if you don't have one of those unlimited ammo options is just run like hell grabbing resources items and throwing explosives at things to sabotage and don't worry about taking out the soldiers.
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