Largest carrier hunt in all of my BS:P experience.

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User Info: ninjaman148

6 years ago#1
I was playing with 3 other friends on Coral (The map that's raining) as the Japanese.

At one point, we poised to strike at the two American aircraft carriers, taking out the enemy's air power. Thus, leading us to total victory.

First of all, we had to find the carriers. They were lurking somewhere. Hidden. It was quite a chore on finding them. We sent out a Type-B submarine. Aswell as a squadron of Gyoraitei patrol boats.


Eventually one of our Agano-class cruisers sent out an F1M "Pete" scout plane and found some activity to the far Western side of the map. Due to this stroke of luck, we sent out an H6K "Mavis" recon plane for a closer look, due to the stormy weather.

Finally, after searching endlessly, the H6K found both American aircraft carriers moored off the far Western island. All search planes were ordered back to base, and all fleet ships to stand by.

As soon as we were ready, we amassed all our forces and launched a massive air raid of G4M "Betty" bomber aircraft, all fitted with torpedoes. Wave after wave, we built up a enormous formation of bomber aircraft, with A6M "Zero" fighter planes as escorts.

We drove our aerial armada West, across the map. But from the most Southern side, to avoid any trouble. Through the stormy weather, we crossed the high seas, and we finally snuck across the map.

We turned our formation Northwards, and the two carriers appeared on radar. It was there, when our cover was blown. I could imagine the enemy players' faces when they see this angry swarm of planes headed straight for their precious carriers. They sent out large numbers of F4F Wildcat fighter planes after us. We responded with our own planes.

Soon, a gigantic air battle commenced. But our valuable bombers ducked to low altitude, and we were larger in numbers. Soon, the enemy fighters were shot down, and our G4M's had a clear path.

One by one, they all released their torpedoes, and struck the helpless carriers where it hurt. One gave way, and the large carrier was sunk. The other was about to be destroyed, and listed heavily.

That was where we sent in our H6K Mavis, armed with torpedoes, and finally took out the final carrier.

Proudly, we called it a day and victoriously, we all joined one massive formation and we flew back home. Mission completed.
Yo Buddy, Still Alive? // Ninjaman217
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  3. Largest carrier hunt in all of my BS:P experience.

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