How many Kombo Challenges have you completed?

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User Info: Bkurisenshi

8 years ago#1
Man, these things are RIDICULOUS! So I just completed Shao Kahns & got a secret trophy (bronze like the rest of the kombo trophies). This is the only one I've finished so far. I got all the way to kombo 10 on Darkseid but haven't been able to beat it yet. These challenges are gonna take a LONG time to beat.

How many do you all have completed so far?
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User Info: MCP_Racing_M3

8 years ago#2
I only have Kitana's kombo challenge done and got most of the others completed. But they are just too hard.

User Info: Cloud418

8 years ago#3

I know, some of these are ridiculously hard.

I guess they are duable but with a lot of patience and practice---hours of it. Gotta get that platinum trophy though...

User Info: NWINI

8 years ago#4
Raiden is my main character,and by far the toughest combo challenge of all .number 10 is laughably hard its so unbelievable that you either kill yourself or just crack up on how the game pawned you :)

User Info: SGTJasonCramer

8 years ago#5
For Kitanas challenge - how did you complete the combos that require her air move (cant remember the name at work) - those are the ones I need for hers. I input the move to start the combo, but she flies over the opponents head and doesnt connect...
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User Info: true_gamer80

8 years ago#6
I agree with whoever said raidens is one of the toughest, hes my main and wow his last 10 hit is near impossible.

its that stupid ending that I find so hard, Gotta be as quick as the flash lol

User Info: Darth_Havok

8 years ago#7
As mentioned in many threads thus far, Batman's is the easiest for me, so far the only one I've completed 100%. I'm now working on Superman's too & I've done all the way up to # 8 so far... after work, I'll try to finish w/ Supes & move on to Sub-Zero, or maybe Kitana.
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User Info: JockTDX

8 years ago#8
i have one of scorpions left to do. and then i have his done. i dont have any others. i know how to do it just havent gotten it yet. my thumb actually hurts from trying these stupid things. but once you figure them out they are easy, well not easy, just trial and error.
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User Info: d_incarnate

8 years ago#9
Batman and Jax
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User Info: XarisKraven

8 years ago#10
Hmm let's see, I've been able to do Sub-Zero, Deathstroke, Scorpion, Batman, Shao Kahn, Darkseid, Kitana, Cat Woman, Jax, The Joker, Baraka, The Flash, Green Lantern, Raiden, and Wonder Woman. Woah, i've done a lot more than i thought.
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  3. How many Kombo Challenges have you completed?

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