"Processing was not successful" - potential fix?

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User Info: HyperRyun

7 years ago#1
Maybe it's just me, but every time for the last 3 times I've tried warping to someone in a city instead of re-attempting a join to the city they're in whenever I got that error. Every time it's worked and I've successfully joined.

Fluke or does it work? Someone besides me needs to test this out.

I wouldn't think it would work, but it seems to. Iunno.
If you're reading this, you just lost the game.
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User Info: nessonett106

7 years ago#2
Hmmmm, i'll try doing that when i next hit that error, and ge back to the board then.
Might be some time though, its fairly rare for that to happen to me.
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  3. "Processing was not successful" - potential fix?

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