Hellhunter or Soulhunter?

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User Info: Deadeyedave

6 years ago#1
Double Diablos quest is up, and I've gotten a good two person rhythm going for it, but the ticket drop rates are being kind of sparse though.

Which jacket is considered "better" to pursue?

Hellhunter because you can usually get Fortify and one other skill with Torso up.

Or Soulhunter because you can get Fortify with no other equip slots.

If they were both wearable on both Blade and Gunner I'd make both, but then I'd need two of each, and that's kind of expensive.
Vyers on MHTri (EU) (WXPRX2)

User Info: Cthulhu_

6 years ago#2
Hellhunter w/torso up>>>>>Soulhunter, except on certain sets.
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User Info: Pirate_Sedition

6 years ago#3
I have two of each, maxed level, I have never, ever wore SoulHunter.
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