how/where to download demo?

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User Info: brian2020

8 years ago#1
can anyone tell me how to get the demo.. is there an online download link?.. im new to wii so idk all the functions of a wii.. any help is much appreciated!
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User Info: HayIey_Williams

8 years ago#2
You think you've got problems?

User Info: Rankiju

8 years ago#3
Nobody is going to give you the answer on these forums, it's against the rules. If you want the game then import it like alot of others have.
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User Info: MH_PRIMO

8 years ago#4
didnt you here what he said? he is new, as in not informed. geez guys
you cant really download it. you have to import MHG to get the demo

User Info: Biscuit__

8 years ago#5

From: Rankiju | Posted: 5/3/2009 9:19:07 PM | #003
it's against the rules


You have to have a Japanese Wii, since the Wii is region locked; and then import MHG from Japan. It comes with the demo.
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User Info: DarkDragon409

8 years ago#6
It depends on whether or not your Wii is... well, if it has had any after-factory modifications, we'll leave it at that.

If you have had these... modifications, I could hook you up.

If your Wii is unmodified, you would need a Japanese Wii. The demo comes with the MHG disc.
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User Info: ChunkyMonkeyLOL

8 years ago#7

From: Biscuit__ | Posted: 5/3/2009 7:54:08 PM

Because it's against the rules to tell someone where to download the demo from.
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User Info: Rankiju

8 years ago#8
^What he said ^^
Besides just import it and do whatever with your wii like alot of people
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User Info: Akubarix

8 years ago#9
The demo disc doesn't work on the Wii though. MHG does, the demo doesn't.
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User Info: Rankiju

8 years ago#10
^ I've got it to work without japenese wii...... >.>
Monster Hunter 3 FTW!
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