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User Info: RyokoH85

7 years ago#1
I really like the kirin armor for the monster hunter series. So is it in 3? If not, I bet they will have it in MH3 2nd or something like that
MGO: Kirin Girl

User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#2
Sorry to say, but I haven't seen Kirin Armor as Kirin isn't in the game and I really don't think Kirin will be in MH3G.
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7 years ago#3
WOOT! I hate Kirin!
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User Info: Tickmeoff

7 years ago#4
Beliolos armor looks similar to Kirin armor.
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User Info: Bobo_fango

7 years ago#5
Only the female Berilos looks like kirin armor

male, not so much:

There's a slightly bigger kelbi in the game, with rather big horns.....
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User Info: RyokoH85

7 years ago#6
Wow thanks for the info guys. Yeah It does resemble the kirin armor. I barely started playing MH3. Im on the 2 star quests. Which star does this monster appear on?
MGO: Kirin Girl

User Info: flatbush

7 years ago#7
i know i seen the body armor that looks similar, probably dooberu set
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User Info: Akubarix

7 years ago#8
He's in the "hidden" 5*. One of the few monsters to prove to be a thorn in my side. One pissed me off so much online, I made him into a pair of pants. (Blazer, God and Earv can attest to this). I may make the full set for evade +2... But for now... I have his pants.
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User Info: Yomoska

7 years ago#9
You can have kirin butter
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User Info: MoisesL

7 years ago#10
And Kirin Cheese.
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