forge decoration guide?

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User Info: kelkickz

7 years ago#1
or at least a simple explanation of what some do..

what does the combo rate do
i assume the attack one raises attack
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User Info: Armony

7 years ago#2
Can you hold down Z to point to the skills for more info like on equipment?

User Info: T-BANZAI

7 years ago#3
You can use your Wii-mote to read the descriptions of each effect.

hold down the trigger on the 'mote and point at the skill name.

Expert increases crit rate.

User Info: TheNeoianOne

7 years ago#4

should have all of them.
Combo rate = Item Combination rate
Expert = Crit, really good skill to have.

User Info: TheNeoianOne

7 years ago#5
oh and if you're unsure how it works, basically items give skill points, decos are used in armor slots to help finish off some skills or get rid of negative skills.

You need to get at least 10 points in a skill before you get any effect. So just having Expert + 3 and gathering +5 won't do anything.
So if you have multiple equipment with Expert and it adds up to 10, you get Critical Eye +1, which adds a 10% crit rate to your attacks.
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