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User Info: thenightgaunt

7 years ago#1
They just put up a review of the game over at crispygamer.

Who agrees and who thinks this guy's a dumbass?

User Info: Cedicus

7 years ago#2
I stopped reading after "In Final Fantasy 7...."
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User Info: LeVulcan

7 years ago#3
Wow. I stopped reading after the first page lol.

That person b dum.
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User Info: Setsuzoku

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: ApertureScience

7 years ago#5
That person is out of his mind. He puts JRPG in every paragraph.

"Hurr durr. How does I write unbiased review?"
"We do what we must because we can."
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User Info: Johnny727

7 years ago#6
I read through the first page. He isn't unreasonable, but he presents everything as a bad thing and he overly exaggerates the grinding.

User Info: Bizenya

7 years ago#7
This guy's review is spot on, if you actually read the whole review he makes a lot of good points. This game IS grindy and many elements are archaic to say the least. The game is still fun, at least for me, but it is not without its faults.

User Info: Johnny727

7 years ago#8
Now I have read it in it's entirety and I think it's a well written review.

User Info: Huqhes

7 years ago#9
Wow, I couldn't make it through the first page., can you even compare this game to turn bases RPGs?
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User Info: oaktytolen

7 years ago#10
He doesnt seem to have much hope for western gamers does he?
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