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User Info: ChaoticracerX

7 years ago#21
"The quality of the graphics in Monster Hunter Tri even outdoes Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Sadly though, if you stand it side by side with anything on either the PS3 or X-Box 360, it simply cannot compare."

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User Info: Bloodkunai

7 years ago#22
because everyone knows that people with heavy weapons and loads of metal or bone armor on should jump and air dash like dante >.>

User Info: da_xavier

7 years ago#23
i didnt read it at all cuz honestly who cares what he thinks? If we enjoy the game thats all that should matter
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User Info: gamefanatic544

7 years ago#24

Arcell_Garza posted...
He claims he's a fan of the series but then complains about no lock-on, "clunky" controls and the like. The game shouldn't ever have lock-on. The controls aren't clunky, big weapons are slow because they rightfully should be.

The controls are clunky actually, but you get used to it.

User Info: Arcell_Garza

7 years ago#25
Hmmm actually the controls aren't clunky. I haven't struggled with the controls once since learning how to actually play.

User Info: Kensai_Arkusai

7 years ago#26
Silent Hill. Clunky. Resident Evil. clunky.

This game? very smooth, responsive controls. If I get hit it's not because I couldn't control well enough like what would happen in RE pre RE4.

That said....this guy is mediocre as a reviewer. I feel he's kind of talking out his arse. He speaks like he is the All-Father of western society and he knows what we like. But really I didn't ever find myself agreeing with him. For example, in your average Western RPG like baldur's Gate or Morrowind, you have weapon tiers, sure, your rusty daggers up to your Daedric katanas and your Holy Avengers. The trouble is, you CONSTANTLY get garbage items, and often can get one of the best weapons, if you know where it is, VERY early.

In essence, few WRPGs, Diablo excluded, understand how to make a player feel like they've earned something incredible. Oh, you killed a Black Dragon? Here's the best sword in the game, hands down. Monster Hunter with it's "horrific grind" serves to elevate the feeling of reward. You killed Lagiacrus? Pat yourself on the back. Now, you'd better get ready to master him cause you need to fight him about 5 to 7 more times. By the time you have Lagi down pat you feel you've accomplished something. This is what keeps me playing this game, and I don't think he gets that.
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User Info: thenightgaunt

7 years ago#27
I don't think the point was players not being able to get the best weapons early on, but that actual grinding was required to advance in the game. And it's true, you can't beat the Great Jaggi right off the bat, you have to power up and....well, grind lesser missions to get the resources and cash to get weapons good enough to take him on.

Also, in the review I think he's talking about reasons why it won't catch on with american gamers as much as it has with japanese gamers. Dude, compare it to the popularity of God of War. No way Monster Hunter will even match that here.

User Info: kazooki21

7 years ago#28
The reason it is on the Wii is because there are 10 million wii consoles in Japan compared to 5 million ps3 consoles. MH3 is much more popular in Japan than in America, so Capcom cares more about the most popular system in that country.
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User Info: DarkDragon409

7 years ago#29
Assless chaps.
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User Info: offtehdeepend

7 years ago#30
Does the guy not know how to read? And since when did you EVER have to level up your materia (no L)?

"To put it simply, Monster Hunter Tri does not really use the Wiimote to any extent. In fact you could very easily play it using the classic controller. The only time you ever get to use the Wiimote to move a curser around the screen is when you initially research a monster. You open a menu, click on the monster and it's saved to your guide book, and that's it. Where this pissed me off is when you equip the bowgun. While using the bowgun you can shift over to a FPS view of the screen that lets you aim the crosshair and begin targeting specific body parts. Well, rather then use the frickin Wiimote like every other damned game on the Wii; you move the crosshair around using the thumbstick on the nunchuk. This gave me the feeling that putting Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii had less to do with the unique capabilities of the system, and more with the developers being too cheap to put down the time and money needed to make this a PS3 title. "

He lists this in the "negatives" section. Honestly, the fact that it "isn't a real wii game" is the best thing that could have happened to it.
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