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User Info: Darksun45230

7 years ago#61
Someone that I don't agree with.
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User Info: redred17

7 years ago#62
"So, what else do I mean by "a very Japanese game"? Many Japanese games often have some element of grinding that's core to the gameplay....And in Harvest Moon, you just farm."

I had to grind so hard to fully mature my cabbage, if you know what I mean.

User Info: juzzieb

7 years ago#63
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: AceMcloud

7 years ago#64
Where this pissed me off is when you equip the bowgun. While using the bowgun you can shift over to a FPS view of the screen that lets you aim the crosshair and begin targeting specific body parts. Well, rather then use the frickin Wiimote like every other damned game on the Wii; you move the crosshair around using the thumbstick on the nunchuk. This gave me the feeling that putting Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii had less to do with the unique capabilities of the system, and more with the developers being too cheap to put down the time and money needed to make this a PS3 title.

His best point...

Please forgive my username, I was around 10 when I made it...
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