How do you get Loc Lac Armour!

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User Info: TezHewes

7 years ago#1
I know you have to kill giggi or jellyfish to get the velvty hides, but everytime I kill a giggi it disappears. The jellyfish havent shown up in 3 trips into moga forest.

I have the same problem killing the ants for thier stomachs, everytime I kill one it dissappears.

Can someone tell me where I am going wrong please?
MH3 - Tez A6UN23

User Info: DarkMarc009

7 years ago#2
Use a weaker weapon.
You still gotta "harvest" his head after it comes off right? -Lyrst

User Info: Beckerage

7 years ago#3
The ants need to have distended or full stomachs to kill them to get anything from them. Let them eat resources around the area before killing em. Giggi...dunno about that one, It always let me carve em.

User Info: MisguidedPirate

7 years ago#4
Not sure about the Giggi, I've never seen them disappear before I could carve them.

For the Altaroths, try taking some Poison Smoke Bombs - throw one down in the middle of a group, wait for the poison to kill them, then carve their intact corpses. You should end up with Monster Fluid or Stomachs most of the time, with the occasional Jaw.

Granted, you don't need many stomachs for the Loc Lac gear, but you can save the rest for Bhanabra armor or sell them along with some of the Monster Fluids for a nice profit.
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User Info: Lapanui

7 years ago#5
If you want Velvity Hides, do the Giggi quest. You should get some from the reward O.o
The same with the Altaroth Stomach, do the quest specifically to kill them. You will get them in the reward.

I got the Loc Lac Armor Set pretty quickly. Not long got a +10 Transporter Talismen and I sold it.
MHT Name: Zichu, MHT ID: N567GD, Region: EU

User Info: Rathalin2

7 years ago#6
Giggi hit with fire will flee. Kill them without fire to carve them.

User Info: Nezra_Fallon

7 years ago#7
If you "Kill' the Giggi's with your torch, they run away

If you smash their heads in with a normal weapon, they can be carved
MH3 - Serrahn - 5W4DLP
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