Murphy's Law and the Desire Sensor

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User Info: ZakuA001

7 years ago#11
*Pretends to want scales*
*Gets shells*


No really, this "Desire sensor" is a psychological thing. The more you try to get something and dont get it, the more it seems to never come. Basically -> What you want - What you dont get = Frowny face Frowny face + stuff you get that you didnt want = Frowny face x2.

Just saying.

I got a lagi plate when i didn't even know it existed. I killed over 50 ians for its plate to have 1 turn up randomly when i was hunting in moga forest.
True story. Though its probably just coincidence.
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User Info: FamliarStranger

7 years ago#12
Yes, but you have to actually NOT want the plate anymore, not just pretend to not want it in order to trick the Desire Sensor. It'll know.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

7 years ago#13
here's an MHFU example:

I've lost count how many times I cut Los's tail because I...actually needed a TAIL.
Every single time I got everything EXCEPT a tail. Including more heavenlies then I knew what to do with.
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User Info: coke9boy

7 years ago#14
I have a "desire sensor" myself...

User Info: popliyo

7 years ago#15
The easiest way to ensure your don't go insane when farming for specific items is to try and remember to enjoy yourself. If you consider something monotonous, that's exactly what it will be. Try and change things up.

Even if the way you change something up would take said quest a bit longer to complete, it will do wonders for you mentally. i'll give an example:

Farming for Agnaktor claws. (keep in mind the item farmed for is regardless).
Generally lance him. Have it down to a consistent time, but getting bored.
Solution: bring barrel bombs, time bombs, necessary items to make more.
result: probably going to seem more challenging and may even consume more time, but at least you will have changed it up.
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User Info: rojocapo610

7 years ago#16
its all about random luck :/ i have about 6 ian plates 2-3 los plates . ian i got 2 in 1 quest :/
but what i cant seem to get is 1 ruby :p
oh well it will come some day and many of them at once :p just keep at it.

i feel bad that ypou had to type that twice :p
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User Info: monviech

7 years ago#17
I will break my gamedisc soon, 300 vulcano minings and still no sparcaster bowgun. asfasdgasdgasdgaasdfasdf

User Info: someone

7 years ago#18
^ Did you at least get multiple copies of every other rust/ancient weapon though? Cause that's where I'm at now...I'm pretty sure it will never happen at this point.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

7 years ago#19
^I'm at that point.
I got 1 of each rusted weapon, and have been selling off any duplicates.
...all I'm missing is the damned lance. :(
You stole him with advanced American slut technology! You're not nice!

User Info: monviech

7 years ago#20
Oh yes, I have each rusted weapon at least one time, only not the bowgun /which I really desire/. The desire sensor is true, it's a conspiracy.
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