Getting out of getting pinned down

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User Info: remmingten

7 years ago#1

a rathian or giginox can pinn you down and you have to fight them off. their health bar goes down and you escape. what button/s do you have to mash to get out of it?

User Info: zerocoal

7 years ago#2
twirl the joystick if you are using CC controls, waggle the crap out of your wiimote if you are using freestyle. <-- hunting party gathering location

User Info: Ravenicus

7 years ago#3
Spamming the face buttons on the CC (I use CC1) does ti for me.
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User Info: ApertureScience

7 years ago#4
Well first, you go through your inventory and find your dung bombs. Then, you carefully press the use button to throw it at them.
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User Info: Bunnywunny

7 years ago#5
pretty much just mash everything and spin the sticks, same as stun. also you can use a dung bomb to stop it immediately and avoid the final poisoning hit when they let go
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User Info: Wulf2K

7 years ago#6
Or you can sit there and let them eat your face.

Joe dropped a shiny after eating my face, and my friend got a talon from it.

Not too shabby.

User Info: Primum_Mobile

7 years ago#7
yeah, if i am not in immediate danger of dying, i normal avoid using a dung bomb when pinned and just waggle out. That way, my team gets some free hits on the head.
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User Info: profroche

7 years ago#8
Same thing as you do when you're trapped on a blind date with an ugly girl:Throw dung or wiggle your stick until she leaves.
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User Info: Wulf2K

7 years ago#9
Same thing as you do when you're trapped on a blind date with an ugly girl

Are you saying getting pinned by rathian isn't anything a light switch and some tequila can't make all better?
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