Spirits Whim?

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User Info: BugManx

7 years ago#1

Can't find what it does, anybody know?

User Info: Crevox

7 years ago#2
Hold the Z button on your wiimote (dunno classic controller equivalent) and point your wiimote over it in the status menu, and you'll get a full skill description...

Spirits Whim makes it so pickaxes and bugnets have a lower chance of breaking when used.

User Info: SKEWER_007

7 years ago#3
hold the z button on the NUNCHUK....

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User Info: EchoNull

7 years ago#4
When using a Classic Controller, hold B on the Wiimote to do the same.


User Info: AndyZXZX

7 years ago#5
It's funny, whenever I have spirit's/divine whim, my stuff always seems to break faster than without it. weird.
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