OK, high rank armor again

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User Info: RealWhiteX

7 years ago#1
I just made HR31 last night and did not have time to play since, i understand that the common sense is that LR armor on HR is the same as walking Nekkid in Tahiti, however, to upgrade my LR armor i need HR Rathalos and Diablos materials and that is not feasible right now.

It is also common sense that Jaggi+ is a good HR start, for me it will be great since i can jem the Crit draw in and have other skills besides AUM, but....

How can I make Jaggi+ if my armor is the same as walking Naked?

User Info: h4mburgers

7 years ago#2
Upgrade your current armor as much as possible with armor spheres and kill Great Jaggi+ a bunch. He doesn't do that much damage.

User Info: RealWhiteX

7 years ago#3
My Defense is 154, i think

User Info: TheFullick

7 years ago#4
i kept my low rank armor (lagi & Rathian) and killed a load of hi rank gobul to get alluring hammer then killed loads of ratian to get high rank Ian armor, im a huge fan of HGE wich i managed to keep by swapping out the tasset for Caedeus Tasset :)

User Info: RealWhiteX

7 years ago#5
So it is not that naked

User Info: TwilightSora247

7 years ago#6
You can kill most of the HR 31-40 monster with low rank armor. Rathian is probably the only one that will give you some trouble. So yeah, it's not like you're naked.

User Info: Roarkaz

7 years ago#7
I started HR with Barioth and Diablos equipment and am currently using low Jhen equipment. No real problems. Damage from being tripped and chip damage adds up fast but it is healed with a potion every minute or two.
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