Drugged meat?

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User Info: iChRome

7 years ago#1

Does anyone know how to use this meat effectively? Ive tried it once by placing it randomly before i hunt...say a Rathalos...but it never ate it.

How do i use this item effectively? Please no "doesnt matter no one uses it" answers.

User Info: iChRome

7 years ago#2

And im talking about Drugged, Tinged, Poisoned,

User Info: mateoxmatio

7 years ago#3
Doesn't matter, no one u-...

Oh nevermind. Naw but I'm pretty sure you plant it when they're tired and looking to hunt.

User Info: HyperRyun

7 years ago#4
some monsters don't eat meat, and some don't eat meat if it's been placed by people they've noticed
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User Info: Shaphrion

7 years ago#5
You have to plant it when its hungry. Drooling from its mouth.

User Info: vampircosmonaut

7 years ago#6
Deviljho eats meat regularly.
I usually bring Drugged and Tinged meat on every Deviljho quest , it's a quick way to cut the tail and sleep bomb him once.
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User Info: sc4r4b

7 years ago#7
deviljho is just about the only one where dropping meat is easy and helpful enough to make a difference since most monsters don't like to eat meat that they've seen a hunter drop... and if you drop it out of sight, feel free for it to vanish from time unless you decide to elaborately plan out a way to have a chance of eating it... :s

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