Lagiacrus Horn

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User Info: kindakirby

7 years ago#1
I realize that I'm supposed to break its face--er, horns--for Lagiacrus' Horn, but I've been doing it for the past couple hours and it's not really working for me. I'm wearing Jaggi Mask and the rest of it is pure Baggi; I've got so many hides and scales and plates that at this point, I could build my own Lagiacrus. A hornless one, that is.

I've been capturing Lagiacrus, incidentally; should I be killing it? Is it a carve or a reward?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: SirDaneth

7 years ago#2
Break face and you get a horn. If you aren't getting horns, you aren't breaking face.
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User Info: kindakirby

7 years ago#3
I've been trying my best to break its face, but I only get one horn broken. Is it possible to break both of Lagiacrus' horns? I'm looking at the MH wiki, but I can't really tell from the picture.

User Info: -3ID-Cronic

7 years ago#4
the hunt quest won't ever give you horns ( correct me if I'm wrong ) the hunt has side quests of cutting the tail and dropping off a tear. the capture however has side quests of breaking the horn & cutting the tail. you have something like a 66% chance of getting the horn doing the cap quest.

User Info: -3ID-Cronic

7 years ago#5
err wiki says I'm wrong but I swear thats how i got all mine

User Info: kindakirby

7 years ago#6
Just did a few more cap quests and still no horn. I swear I'm breaking his face--every time it happens, he loses a horn and the shattering effect happens.

The cap quest has side quests of breaking his chest and his tail, rather than his head. :/ I'll do it again, but ... I'm getting discouraged, haha. Maybe I have to break both horns? Is that possible?

User Info: DarkMarc009

7 years ago#7
When you damage his head, one of his horns will look like it's half broken, that's as far as it breaks. Just keep trying. =]
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User Info: Old_Rat

7 years ago#8
It's not possible to break both. Once you see that shattering effect on his head, you're done. If you don't get a horn in rewards, it's bad luck. It shows up in rewards for both killing and capturing.

User Info: -3ID-Cronic

7 years ago#9
1 broken horn is enough , was going to tell you to use this
( ) as a reference but the head pic is awful

good luck , maybe a jaggi hat would help with that too lol
You only have one chance at the horns per run. Nothing else matters when trying to get horns other than breaking them. If you're still not getting them, it's just bad luck.
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