So I've been trolling in game lately

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User Info: tech12345

7 years ago#1
Well not sure if It counts as trolling, but when ppl piss me off during a quest I'll turn in sub or die 3 times(jho/ala/jhen). I love the part when they think they can heal me enough to stop me from dieing.

Lately I noticed I'll be really anal about it, and I'll decide to start trolling at the drop of a pin. Anyone else high in rank feel the same?

What else can I do to them? Keep In mind I go in with no Intent to troll.
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User Info: stromvancouver

7 years ago#2
I do get annoyed with people a lot, but I don't intentionally troll anyone. I think the worst I've done is grief one or two people that really got under my skin.
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User Info: JonFrost

7 years ago#3
I don't play with random people. Just with friends irl, and their friends.

User Info: AgostaNeverDies

7 years ago#4
I don't throw pissy fits, so no.
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User Info: Sedition21

7 years ago#5
I troll for the sake of trolling. Never because someone annoys me in-game.
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User Info: RE1_TYRANT

7 years ago#6
That's kinda sad dude, I never get pissed off at players and play with a lot of random noobs in high rank as well. What exactly do they do to piss you off? I had this guy double cart on jho then stay at camp, didnt say a word. On the next jho he just went to camp so I told him, "c'mon, I don't care if you die. You wont learn much of anything hanging out there." So he came back and didn't even do that badly that time. Personally, the one thing that gets on my nerves are players who act all elitist and treat others like crap for the smallest little mistakes. It's those players that I enjoy "trolling".

User Info: salex22

7 years ago#7
I troll people randomly in-game IF...
1.) they come in and ask for help by posting and commanding to join (below hr31)
2.) they begin to insult me because I refuse to help them
3.) they invite their annoying friends to assist in insulting me and my friend becuase we deny them help
4.) they refuse to leave because I wont help them and tell me to leave instead

at this point the generic- "your a low level and(or) have bad equipment, would you like some help" statement finds its way onto the chat log

and thus the long troll session of revenge begins
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User Info: serialies

7 years ago#8
ive only trolled once, when i was playing with a complete ass

it was an ala room, he (and i assume someone who is his friend) comes in and begs us to do agna, going "plz"
when i say "this is ala room, go make agna room" he just goes "no"
so i go fine, ill help you, quest starts, i cart once purposely due to lava and heat

what cracks me up is he then calls me a noob, dont think he quite understood i was messing around with him, so i appologise, say that i thought lava healed people.

then, i go to agna fight and start kicking them, cart again, he starts going ALLCAPS and swearing etc, appologise saying i thought kicking healed people.

then i rejoin the fight, and start upswinging with my GS, cart again, quest over.
when we get back he ALLCAPS for a while, then makes a private quest with the description "only for PRO players, not for fk heads".

if you're reading this whoever you were, you're a funny guy.

User Info: J_Seigal

7 years ago#9
It's better to get a hammer and start upswinging them. Trust me, it works wonders.
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User Info: wariostinks

7 years ago#10
i trolled over the weekend by constantly upswinging them with my SA. Then i ended via subquest :D. One of them got so ticked off at me it was hilar. !
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