Best Strategy for Alatreon Event Quest?

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User Info: born2play

6 years ago#1
i've only tired it once and 35 minutes had passed and 3 members of my team died so we failed... then again they were only HR 53, 60, and 65. Whats the best thing to do against him? Sleep bomb, ice/dragon damge? Cluster/Craig shots?

User Info: HawkArrow

6 years ago#2
the way we do ala is one person sleeping so that i the GSer can charge attack the horns and just random dmg with ice/drg

User Info: MrMkGamer

6 years ago#3
killed 2 super alas just 1sec ago,me and another guy used amber hoarfrost,one other used a metamorph hammer,and the...a lance a guess,not sure.
The hammer guy was using helios stuff and skills,we had a bunch of KO's though...
username:Mark region:americas hr100

User Info: Laggiing

6 years ago#4
This is the best strategy.
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User Info: ElectricDoodie

6 years ago#5
I don't understand what's so hard.

It's just an Alatreon, with more HP, and harder hits.
This just means the fight will take longer than 10 minutes. Use the same strategy you normally would.
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User Info: Lucky81651

6 years ago#6
Well, use the same strategy you normally would...provided you don't normally sleepbomb Alatreon :P

I don't remember if Super Alatreon was taller, if he was then hammers may be more difficult. Otherwise just be prepared to fight for another 5-10 minutes.

User Info: Pinruts

6 years ago#7
Pretend it's a normal Ala, except you're using 33% weaker weapons and armor. It's not like Super Ala is much different. It's not a whole new fight or anything (Double Diablos Event, lol).
True until proven false.

User Info: luke_nichols

6 years ago#8
"This is the best strategy."

I agree
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User Info: sygnify

6 years ago#9
I played the urgent for 12 hours straight on Monday. I noticed:

1) everyone was afraid to use the wall because it would "decrease the percentage of skypiercers"
2) virtually everyone was using a rare5 or wimpy rare6 weapons
3) many people didn't know how to gem their armor
4) some people were trying to use Jaggi Mask and dying instantly
5) no one understands that Lifepowders heal the whole team, so if someone else is about to die ....
6) high rank players (HR100+) were more noob than the actual noobs somehow
7) seriously the HR100's carted so fast, so many times

Needless to say after 12 hours, I think I had about 4 successful kills and only 2 skypiercers.
Good luck to the rest of you.

User Info: Lolliesta

6 years ago#10

A)The walls for the event quest don't seem to lower skypiercer chances so USE THEM

B) forget sleepbombing, he has to much health

a lot (not all) of the rank 100+ player I have played with call everyone who is hr 60 or below noobs,

they are usually the first ones to faint, while the "noobs" stay alive? Who are the noobs now?!!!? save the term noob for the REAL noobs

2 to 3 para weps and 1 to 2 hammers work well for the ala event

Don't use weak dragon weps over ice, alatreon is only weak to dragon when flying, good luck hitting him in the air!

cluster/crag gunning is also a good tactic for breaking his wings

Good luck with getting those skypiercer!

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