MHTri Frequently Asked Questions (look here before you ask something)

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Out of Vampirecosmonaut’s FAQ, I especially recommend these guns for high-rank pierce spam

Rathling+ Frame / Barrozooka Barrel / Diablozooka Stock: The best Pierce 1 capacity, while maintaining acceptable Pierce 2 loading capacity. This is the gun of choice for hitting medium-sized wyverns in their weak spots for massive damage.

Thundacrus Rex Frame / Devil’s Grin Barrel / Thundacrus Stock: This gun has a balanced load of 5/4/3 pierce shots, and a modest .8 range modifier. It also has some status rounds in it, as well. This would be more effective for giant monsters, like World Eater Jho or Jhen Mohran’s mouth.

For low rank:

Jaggid Fire Frame / Barrozooka Barrel / Rathling or Thundacrus stock: Sticking with pierce 1 is recommended more than usual because pierce 2 is rapid-fired. Rapid fire pierce has recoil that can never be mitigated, and it limits the ability to spam shots.

Normal shots are more reliable than pierce shots in that they are usable on even smaller monsters, such as minions. They also have a more forgiving range modifier, letting you fire even close or farther than range-compacted pierce shots. As such, they are the physical shot of choice underwater.

On a monster that only takes good damage in one hitzone, like raged Jho, then Normal L2 should be preferred over L3. If the monster takes high damage almost universally along its body, such as Uragaan, then L3 would be preferable. In less clear-cut situations, go with whatever has the highest load capacity first.

A special gun that is commonly used for normal gunning is the Vulcannon. It boasts immense attack, a high range, and a shield. Despite being a folding heavy bowgun, it works great in the water, performing well at Fire, Pierce, and Normal shots even with the reduced range.

Pellet/Sub (BUCKSHOT)
This shot is only really useful for minions. That being said, destroying clusters of minions with a couple pellet shots is very entertaining.

Elements are fairly straightforward, and are explained in Vampirecosmonaut’s FAQ to a better detail than I care to do.

Generally, pierce shots will outdamage elemental shots. There are some situations where it is either more convenient or more effective to use elements, however.

* Underwater gunning may get more milage out of elemental shots than pierce shots, due to depth perception being harder to gauge.
* Firing Fire S on Gigginox when she’s on the ceiling is useful and fun. Range-compacted pierce is somewhat self-defeating, as it loses the ability to hit the ceiling at an optimal range.
* Great Jaggi and Great Baggi are too small to spam pierce shots when you are on their side. Shoot them in the face with fire instead.
* Uragaan takes more damage from Dragon S in the head than Pierce on the body. You have a really limited supply of Dragon shots, even with combines, but a group of gunners sporting Dragon S can mow down Uragaan.