we are being summoned (+board rank)

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User Info: ohitsthatguy1

5 years ago#1

anybody else get this?
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User Info: Deltabane

5 years ago#2
I pee in milk cartons and leave them in the fridge because I don't like visitors

User Info: Divinewargod

5 years ago#3
Deltabane posted...

MHTri: Corey
Fatal Frame is the most interesting horror game series.

User Info: Ifeno

5 years ago#4
Divinewargod posted...
Deltabane posted...


I-I'm agreeing with a Deltabane post. My world view has shattered...
~Ifeno - The Wandering Merchant~
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User Info: OngoBay

5 years ago#5
adblock = no BustedTees girls.

User Info: Lcoz

5 years ago#6
I wonder how much better adblock is on Chrome. I use Safari because I like being able to view the previous page immediately as I gesture back, but I'm still stuck with youtube ads.
MH3 - Piers
The Artist: http://imgur.com/Mj6rR

User Info: _Green_Knight_

5 years ago#7
OngoBay posted...
adblock = no BustedTees girls.

I haven't seen busted tees ads in a while.
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