Uragaan's roles

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User Info: UlNin

4 years ago#11
I thought Uragaan had only three rolls, not counting Area 6[1].
1. Straight
2. Curved
3. Circle

Straight and curved track hunters for distance and direction of curvature. Distance puts Ura slightly past where the target hunter was when he started the roll.

The circle roll goes forward and then 270 degrees around a circle, finishing with another straight portion, making a sort of bow if viewed from above. This last roll is super annoying because you may have to avoid it twice. Also, usually easy to predict[2] unless he gets deflected by something.

[1] Also not counting the roll to leave an Area.
[2] I seem to only recall him doing the circle counter-clockwise (turning to his left) but I have problems tracking him when he does this, so I could easily be wrong about counter-clockwise only.
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