Any tips for a gunner newb??

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User Info: darksoul12363

4 years ago#11
Also, your gonna need to be willing to spend quite a bit of money to buy ammo in the beginning.

Yes, you can use Normal 1 shots to save money but it will take ages to kill whatever your killing. It's recommended to take AT LEAST Normal 2 and element shot (if your gun can carry it) to whatever your facing is weak too

As previously mentioned, Bowgun is really good late game. And practice a lot beforehand so you learn the basics of rolling and dodging things
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User Info: UlNin

4 years ago#12
Took my alt out to Moga Village. Still don't have ChaCha yet. Pellet is awesome at this point - small monsters and Great Jaggi

Currently using light-heavy-medium. The no Bonus Shot RF Pellet 1 is a PITA and probably not worth the recoil, but everything's still going pretty well despite it. Easily enough Pellet for two Great Jaggis in Free Hunt . If Rudy proves to be gunnable with this setup, I'm going to farm him for his frame.

LR Leather is shared and can be used be either gunner or melee. This early in the game, it suffices even for below average players like myself. I dunno what I am going to do about Barroth.
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User Info: Doktoroktopus

4 years ago#13
Who are all these scrubs, besides Ul?
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  3. Any tips for a gunner newb??

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