What percentage of current Tri players have no idea the servers are closing?

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  3. What percentage of current Tri players have no idea the servers are closing?

User Info: OngoBay

4 years ago#1
Yes, I know they would have to be somewhat insulated, but you know they exist.
Crazy bellringer was right, there's money to be made in a place like this.

User Info: AlpaI

4 years ago#2
It doesn't even matter, none of this current crop will be playing when they go down anyways.

We'll probably go through a good 2-3 more cycles of randoms before the servers go down.
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User Info: kaygee12

4 years ago#3
Hi Alpal, what batch of randoms am I in?

User Info: Non_Applicable

4 years ago#4

I did extensive math to reach this conclusion.
All in my head, of course.
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User Info: heavyacademic

4 years ago#5
You mean you can play this game online!?

User Info: Munchie906

4 years ago#6
i saw a dude raging in his profile, saying they need to localize 3g... another at a gate had no clue...

User Info: LagiBait

4 years ago#7
heavyacademic posted...
You mean you can play this game online!?

^ This
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User Info: BladeofFalcon

4 years ago#8
people who post "just got this game" topics.
When someone say plz because it's shorter than please, I say no because it's shorter than yes.

User Info: kissmahbutt

4 years ago#9
To be honest, at first I thought it was mostly just a hoax, as people like making things up based on unconfirmed rumors or by random forum posts by people that have no real say in what the technicians do.

However, considering the amount of large gaming websites publishing the death date as April 30th, I've been more inclined to actually believe it.

To me it's just a cheap move to push people to their newer product. Capcom is seriously retarded, Tri still has quite the fanbase (900+ players from the US region), that's probably more than their popular Franchise vs Capcom series. It makes no sense.

I'm not paying $400+ to buy the same game again to play what I am already playing. Of course MH3U is very much superior, it's not worth the money. Looks like I'll be going back to MHFU for a while since playing Tri offline in of itself is a joke unless you start over.

Hopefully hackers find a way to make private servers. Won't be as fun but at least there will be a way to play with other Tri players and do online quests again.

User Info: yellowpikminboy

4 years ago#10
That's just how things go. Severs cost money, and money is finite. Its not much as pushing as not having too much of a choice. MH3U may need a lot of servers to handle all the players. Plus, Capcom has been having a terrible time recently. Megaman games were cancelled up the ass, RE6 sold poorly, and DmC is doing kinda poorly as well. Whether or not they (and the associated companies) have broken even, I don't know, but none of it is good news.

Though... I could be giving Capcom way too much credit here, if we keep in mind the above examples.

But back to MH; I can tell I'll be playing it to death, considering the four new weapon types (to Tri) and the tripled size of the number of bosses. (even though many are subspecies) Not to mention the only thing I've really tried in MH3 is Switch Axe and Long Sword (LS only in an arena quest or two). That's 11 different things to learn, as well as all the new axes to try against all of the new enemies. I bet there are many others in the same position, and will be keeping the servers busy for a long time.

Again, possibly giving Capcom too much credit, but it makes sense from this standpoint.
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