To late to get this game?

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User Info: jorhead

4 years ago#1
Now that the online options are no longer available?
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User Info: aj_hacker87

4 years ago#2
Its a good first game but if you have the ability then get the WiiU version or 3DS one theres about 3X the content nothing is locked to the online.
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User Info: GorillaGD

4 years ago#3
If you softmodded your wii, you'd still be able to access everything by cheating or using game mods except for playing with others, doing event quests, and accessing Loc Lac City.

User Info: tupac221

4 years ago#4
I just bought a few days ago, still worth playing for the single player, yeah the multiplayer is so much fun but still worth buying for single player alone very cheap as well

User Info: Dark_SilverX

4 years ago#5
Not worth it if there is no online
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