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User Info: David_VC

4 years ago#1
Hello all. I love this game and i come here to ask for help to re-open the servers for play online again.

All we know with the servers closed we cant get some special ítems for get better weapons and armors. So please help to me and for other´s players to play online again sign in the petition to a Capcom.

If you want to help after sign on the website you only need to ask to friends and mabey to family to help te cause.

Here are the website:

When they get 5.000 sign´s then send to Capcom to ask open these servers for play online.

Actually have 4.210 sign´s so that mean only need 790 more!. Please help us.

User Info: Gunbladelad

4 years ago#2
You do know that the link to that exact petition has been posted here before, right...?

and here;
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User Info: kuhchung

4 years ago#3
It'll work!!!!! SIGN EVERYONE!

User Info: ngevan2k

4 years ago#4
Oh boy, I'll just sign that and tell everyone I know to sign it, too !

User Info: kuhchung

4 years ago#5
Online petitions that meet the requisite number of signatures have a 100% success rate

User Info: mittons8

4 years ago#6
Time for a futile, yet well meaning gesture.
Call for a good time.

User Info: streetfighter76

4 years ago#7
Maybe you could include in that dumb petition that they should shut down the Wii U servers for MHU since a lot of people in the world still have a Wii and not many care for the Wii U right now.

This kind of petitions is about the silliest thing someone could try to "put some pressure" on a company like Ca$hcom and a waste of time; MH3 was one of the most popular online games for the Wii before they decided to kill the fun and they did it for a powerful reason:

To send the community the clear message that if we want to get our MH fix, now we need a stupid Wii U... >_>

Shame on them!
It's one of the main reasons why I'd like to see that console fail; right now MHU would be about the only game I care for in its whole catalog.

User Info: kuhchung

4 years ago#8
mittons8 posted...
Time for a futile, yet well meaning gesture.

I guess it's better than a well meaning gesture with negative consequences.

User Info: DeadlySanity

4 years ago#9
<-- signature 4400! Whoo!!

User Info: Krazoa2

4 years ago#10
Guys, they're never going to reopen the servers, just get MH3U. To be honest, there's not much reason for them to support your wishes if you won't support their franchise.
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