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User Info: DreadedGhoul575

1 year ago#11
ZoqFotPik posted...
DreadedGhoul575 posted...
I looked them all up, and I only found that Street Fighter 2 has it. Btw, it doesn't just have to be fighting games, it can be any genre.
I downloaded those titles and the others do have CPU vs CPU... just in obtuse ways.

Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle - You have to use a code to set both players to be CPU before the fight begins.

TMNT: TF - Has "watch mode".

Ranma 1/2: Chogi Ranbuhen (the 3rd fighter on the SNES) - Lets you set CPU vs CPU in the options menu; once you enter VS mode (not tag-team), the characters you select will brawl on their own.

I'll have to look through my library more thoroughly to see if games like Conflict/Super Conflict support CPU vs CPU. (Like Archon or Battle Chess.)

Oh right ok, I thought it was official cpu vs cpu, since some emulators don't work with codes. Do you know any links to these games and their emulators?

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