how to improve my tools?

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User Info: zaren88

8 years ago#1

how to upgrade my tools ??

At where ?

User Info: LightHawKnight

8 years ago#2
You cant, you can only add wonderfuls to make your tools better, the tools you get for free cant hold any wonderfuls, you need to buy a better tool from Gannon, the slot amount is 2+yr you are in, so in year 1 the best tool he can sell has 3 slots, which costs 3000, which lets you put 3 wonderfuls in the tool, chen sells 3 wonderfuls to start, you win 1 for winning a festival.
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User Info: zaren88

8 years ago#3

how to add wonderful to tools?

User Info: backpackgotjets

8 years ago#4
Chen will sell a Blue, Red, and Yellow wonderful during your first year. Just one though. To equip them, talk to his son Charlie when he is also in the store. And make sure that your tool has enough slots, if it doesn't, but one from Ganon that does
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User Info: zaren88

8 years ago#5

THX to you all !!!!!

User Info: Boomermav

8 years ago#6
Where in the mines do I have the best chance to get more wonderfuls?
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User Info: mnkboy907

8 years ago#7

From: Boomermav | #006
Where in the mines do I have the best chance to get more wonderfuls?

You only get a Wonderful when you make it down to the 255th floor. I've only made it to the 52nd floor... - Number of people that D'awwed: 22

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