How do you store wood?

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User Info: Abskull

7 years ago#1
I've tried time and time again to store lumber in my supply shed, but I either just end up throwing it out, or the supply shed says I can't put it in there. So... where am I supposed to keep it?

User Info: tamakikun

7 years ago#2
Have you chopped the wood yet? If it is still a stick you can't put it in. Also unless you upgrade the shed you can't put stone or gold lumber in it either. Have you tried using the stylus?

User Info: Zephyr_Altius

7 years ago#3
See above. You may only place Lumber in there, not Branches.

Also, 999 Lumber is the maximum, unupgraded.

User Info: VendettaBF

7 years ago#4
u can put lumber/wood in ur cabinet after u buy one for ur house. gannon will take it from there too

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