People who say Seth is too hard/unfair/cheap/etc...

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User Info: klump223

8 years ago#1
Welcome to fighting games circa 1994.

User Info: mortuus33

8 years ago#2
welcome to learn the mechanics of the game you're playing

User Info: UltiMaxius

8 years ago#3
Ah 1994 what a good year.

I'll be hangin at the arcade beating scrubs...
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User Info: randomsentinel

8 years ago#4
gill from 3rd strike was a bigger bastard than seth could ever be. he auto revives to full health if he dies with a meter!
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User Info: dchan

8 years ago#5
^ aw man. i remember that.

Me, having just beat gill: "oh i just beat gill, I can go home now.....wait....noooooooooo"
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User Info: klump223

8 years ago#6
lol I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that people are complaining that the final boss is hard.

I mean, really...

User Info: swiftdeathz

8 years ago#7
How about Super Rugal on highest difficult or shin akuma in SNK vs Capcom 2 :) talk about ownage.

User Info: kdognumba1

8 years ago#8
Gill was cake honestly. Seth is a lot harder, mainly cause he does actually have "cheap" moves. This also is a good thing so that not every person in the world is like, o ya, I beat SF4, I master, I rock, blah blah blah. I'd rather play fighting game that has a challenging single player that you actually get practice on then play only multiplayer cause the single player easy and boring.

With that said the only "boss" type character I fought in any game that was tougher then him was Broli in M.U.G.E.N. mainly for the same reasons.
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User Info: orangenee

8 years ago#9
if you can work out how to out cheap him he gets his teeth pulled a little.

User Info: desi_shinobi

8 years ago#10
Its tradition now to have end bosses being cheap or hard, I mean look at DOA4, Tekken 5, VF4 and MK Vs DC. But The only one I had no problem with was SC4. But thats just me.
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  3. People who say Seth is too hard/unfair/cheap/etc...

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