What does Balrog say when he loses?

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  3. What does Balrog say when he loses?

User Info: Tartarusauce

8 years ago#1
I hear him say "MY BIKE MONEY" but someone else told me "MY FIGHT MONEY." I guess what that guy told me made more sense...
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User Info: jo3_n_k8

8 years ago#2
My fight money
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User Info: NDAProphet

8 years ago#3
I miss his noise from SSF2. :(
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User Info: asdfienslkdieee

8 years ago#4
I promptly switched everyone to jap voices to avoid that.

him and rufus are ridiculous. "OHHHH CRAAAAAAAPPP!"

User Info: firemario8008

8 years ago#5
I thought he said "My Great body."

User Info: Gylf_Cloud

8 years ago#6
Stick to your day job. You'll not only be making more money, but you'll be happier having avoided a disastrous blow to what little respect I have for you.

User Info: cubbiefan

8 years ago#7
he says looks like my lucky day
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User Info: ShuyinVsTidus

8 years ago#8
"MY FIGHT MONEY" when he loses and "Time to get paid" when he wins. Makes sense to me.
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  3. What does Balrog say when he loses?

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