Cheap Fight Stick!!???

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User Info: ipay12345

8 years ago#1
Alright, so I've been playing street fighter with the joystick on the 360, then the dpad. Quite frankly. I wish I didn't.

I cannot surpass 1200 bp for the LIFE of me with the 360 controller. I dropped from a 2000 to whopping 700bp in about an hour. My skill level is entirely up to how the controller's feeling that day.

One day I'll be whopping ass, the other I'll be failing like no other.

I just want the feel of a friggin fight stick. I want to NOT be owned by scrubs to due a flashkick coming out as a retarded jump towards the enemy.

Anyone wanna help provide the cheapest possible way of getting a fight stick, ANY BRAND, ANY SIZE, just a cheap, very cheap stick.

Well, at least one that responds well with 8 buttons, not that 6 button layout crap.

User Info: ipay12345

8 years ago#2
...Anyone? :(

*coyote howls in the distance*

User Info: ipay12345

8 years ago#3

User Info: Spinnah

8 years ago#4
8 button sticks are going to cost you a bit. The cheapest you can get is a Hori EX2 for $40-$60 depending on where you look.
The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge. - Elbert Hubbard

User Info: DaMangoSentinel

8 years ago#5
Now is not a good time to try and find an arcade stick, period.
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User Info: ipay12345

8 years ago#6
The hori ex2 has the left and right bumbers in very difficult places to reach, mid-combat.

How in the world... Goodbye P+MP+HP, and Alternate HK.

User Info: Spinnah

8 years ago#7
Why would you need to reach them? You have all of the buttons right there at your fingers, there's absolutely no need to use one button to replace a group of buttons.
The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge. - Elbert Hubbard

User Info: ipay12345

8 years ago#8
For having a stick itself, I guess the Hori EX2 wouldn't be the worst...

I keep hearing issues about it though.

Examples: Cheap 4-way gate system leads to terrible diagonal direction response
Nearly Impossible to mod with sanwa parts
Buttons wear and tear, and suddenly stop working in near a year's time
LB and RB being too far from reach leads to difficulty playing in the higher ranks
Blah blah blah.

I really want a stick, and quite possible might pick up a hori ex2,

From a REALLY GOOD player's point of view, that owns the hori ex2

Is it worth the buy if I'm low on cash and only know how to play sf on a stick? (grew up in the arcades, cant use a controller for the life of me)

User Info: ferval100

8 years ago#9
I'm not a pro at this game but I need something better than the 360 standard controller. I use the stick cause the d-pad sucks, but even the stick doesn't seem to wanna work half the time. Played alpha 2 on the saturn and both the joystick and normal saturn controller are great! Finding them is gonna be hard though. :(
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User Info: SpookyFish

8 years ago#10
The square gate of the EX 2 (though it should be noted that even the MadCatz SE and TE sticks also have a square gate) is kind of annoying if you're use to a more octagon/circle-feel, but it isn't something that can't be overcome.

Getting an octagon/circle gate and putting it in place of the square gate is really easy if you've got any experience with a power drill. Plus there are many guides out there that use high-res pictures to show you exactly where to drill and state what specific tools you'll need.

It's not impossible to mod with Sanwa parts, just far more difficult than it should be.

Mmm, I suppose the buttons might wear out over time (as all things do), but I've had my Soul Calibur 4 stick for some time and haven't had any problems with them yet. I guess it depends on how often you plan on using it as well.

I honestly don't understand the argument regarding the LB/RB buttons. Hitting the 3 punch/kick buttons is the same result, though I suppose using 3 fingers might be a bit more coordination than people are normally use to (when gripping a standard controller).

Also, how would the placement of the LB/RB buttons lead to any difficulties in high-ranked battles? I suppose, repeating what I just said a sentence ago, that if a person had only used a console controller for all fighting games they might not be accustomed to using their index, middle, and ring finger to hitting all 3 punches or kicks it might lead to trouble in fights, but with enough practice from going to controller to arcade stick, it becomes a non-issue.
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