Surprisingly Fun game

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User Info: residentconker

9 years ago#1
so i ended up picking this game up and i am surprisingly happy about it.

the only problem i really have with it is the lousy save system.

since i never have the time to sit through the entire game in one sitting it makes it alot less enjoyable

but good old school fun none the less

nothing more

User Info: marathonianbull

9 years ago#2
This game looks & sounds interesting to me. I'm relatively quite ancient myself, though (41)...
Gaming has a lot in common with everyone's favourite heiress: it's pretty, but dumb.

User Info: SoulReaper0695

9 years ago#3
I love the looks of the game and how it plays although they could have done a little more work with the sensor. All in all its fun and brings you back to the snes days.
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