Is kratos a good guy or a bad guy?

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User Info: dirt_rules

7 years ago#21
Hahaha booyaka, nice one brother. Gotta love Hulk Hogan
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User Info: trenken

7 years ago#22
I guess in relation of the corruption around him, he's good, but in the end he's still a bad guy. He kills innocent civilians for no reason other than just being emo and pissed off at the world.

User Info: sepia13

7 years ago#23
Kratos is not a good guy or anti hero.

In the first game, the Gods wanted him to kill Ares in return for removing his memories. He killed Ares for the only reason of getting rid of his own memories, it had nothing to do with saving Athens or protecting anyone. It's all based on selfish deeds. Also, he killed the boat captain when he could have saved him, he is not a nice guy or a hero.

In the second game, Kratos was NOT betrayed by Zues, Zues and the other Gods were betrayed by Kratos. They granted him God power and told him countless times to stop his destructive path otherwise something bad was going to happen. Kratos continued to do it, and then Zues drained his powers and "killed him". Yes, Zues is also "breaking the cycle", but considering Kratos was being a pain in the ass and not doing ANYTHING he was told to do, he deserved to have his powers taken away from him anyways. He then starts a vengeful and bloody path to "get back" at the Gods that not only saved his lfie, but granted him God powers, because he's an idiot.

Basically, the Gods save Kratos life, give him God powers after he kills Ares, then he betrays them by acting EXACTLY how Ares was acting and not listening to the Gods, Zues strips him of his god powers and kills him for not listening AND so that Kratos doesn't kill Zues in the "cycle", and now Kratos is getting his revenge for.. being given awesome stuff and then losing it and now whining like a girl.

With all that said, I'm a fan of Kratos, I mean, his bully and bloody nature, no remorse, awesome to play as him, but the whole "revenge" thing is ridiculous, since he's the one that has done EVERYTHING wrong.

User Info: cuteshamu

7 years ago#24
I see, you have a point. A personal opinion though, I really don't like that my MC has an angry face all the time. I am not saying he can't be a badass character. I like my MC with humor, kinda like Leon Kennedy, popping zombies heads left and right and still have time for cheesy one-liner, "Where's everyone go? Bingo?" and have time to look up women's skirt.

User Info: cheeseface_1234

7 years ago#25
Well he was forced to kill his own family and was working for Ares. He then killed Ares thinking he was going to get his memories removed. Then they don't take away his memories but they replace him as the god of war. He then goes on a Rampage and Zues takes his powers away. So he's mad at Zues.

User Info: Pirateking2000

7 years ago#26
SPOILERS FOR GoW Games (note haven't played them in awhile)

Well if you think about the end of the first GOW I guess Kratos would be kinda pissed off. I mean he went through all that crap to have his memories erased (apparently...although he did destroy Ares so I guess that would be a plus for him going through it) right? What do they do when they had promised that they would remove the memories? They make him a freakin near immortal god of war.

From Kratos point of view that is like being totally screwed over in the deal and the greek gods essentially lied to him and gave him MORE suffering (he will have to have his nightmares etc for a loonnng time. as the GoW) Kratos isn't on good terms with the greek gods to begin with so this just pisses him off more. I guess when he was made GoW he went, "ok I am stuck with this situation might as well make the best of it for me" He uses his power to make his home army waaay powerful (lolhax) and proceeds to help them conquer places. The majority of the gods get mad and decide, "oops we screwed up lets kill him even though we gave him the power when we said we would take the memories" Kratos power is nerfed he is pwnt by Zeus and with a little encouragement / persuasion from Gaia, Kratos decides to come back to kick some more ass

Fast Foward to the end of GOW 2 Kratos is pwning Zeus and he discovers that Zeus is actually his father. Kratos would probably be pissed even more (father abandoned him / Mother died etc) and to wrap it all up when he attempts to take Zeus out he accidentally kills Athena (the only greek goddess he somewhat gave a damn about.) who saves Zeus (who Kratos now despises, he would probably think it was Zeus fault that Athena died)

Final few events are the last straw and Kratos decides to take the fight to the greek gods and wipe out the ones who (in his mind) caused him so much damn grief in the first place once and for all.

Overall, I guess you could say Kratos is just pissed (nearly everyone he cared about is gone) and is out for what he wants (vengeance) Whether the consequences are good or evil are of no consequence to him. He could take down a monster (for some personal vendetta) that was attacking innocent people, and when those people crowd around him to thank him he would punch them aside and leave.

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User Info: grand_kaizer

7 years ago#27
Good or evil don't apply, because everyone in this game is out for themselves, and they're out for themselves hard.
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User Info: grand_kaizer

7 years ago#28
Double-post, but PirateKing, Athena never once said they'd erase his memories. She said the sins would be forgiven, essentially meaning that in the eyes of the gods Kratos had a clean slate, but she never said the memories would go away.
"Hey, who we ambushing?"
"Bad guys! Wanna help?"

User Info: Kenny18

7 years ago#29
He's a god. Are you questioning a ****ing god?!
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User Info: MaTTF1980

7 years ago#30
He's a god. Are you questioning a ****ing god?!

kratos isn't a god anymore didn't you play gow2?
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