Upper Garden Help (and Yes, I already did a search)

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User Info: TheSpoofKing

7 years ago#1
I am hoping someone can help me, because the game is driving me nuts at the moment.

Spoilers, of course

Ok, I am in the upper gardens. i just killed Hera. I use the stairs to fill the two basins, and then I throw her body in the third one. Looks like I am all set to go.

But when I go up the stairs (the ones that form in the green vision), the vision mode suddenly cuts out right when I get done, meaning I am stuck on the first platform and can't zig zag around!

Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

User Info: Shieftain

7 years ago#2
I think you have to grab that movable pillar that has the stairs on it and place it on the switch that activates that green vision thingy. That way, the mode won't end.
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User Info: dmanndemon

7 years ago#3

/\ This

User Info: hollow1107

7 years ago#4
how did you even get her body in the cup? been stuck here for over a hour now

User Info: TheSpoofKing

7 years ago#5
And thus I feel like an idiot!


User Info: Darth_Havok

7 years ago#6
You have to grab her body, walk up the steps upto the platform that is beside the cup, hit R1 & he'll drop her into it
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User Info: dmanndemon

7 years ago#7

hollow1107, the maze is not visually "correct". Slide the movable stair all the way into the groove by that last cup and make sure it "locks" into place. you now "should see a perfect staircase that leads to that cup. pick up hera and just walk up those stairs. when your done, push the movable stair onto the circular button

User Info: s7f1gtkgar

7 years ago#8
I am stuck! I see two cups... don't know how to get her body into either of them, and don't see how the movable stairs help me.

Can somebody spell it out?
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User Info: GhettoMouse

7 years ago#9
Okay SPOILERS don't read if you want to figure it out on your own.

So from the time you get to the first cup, you should have a movable set of stairs that you brought in with you, if you didn't bring it in here, go back 10 feet and grab it, no turn it so it slants downward from right to left, then place it up against the flowing water in the back right. This will fill the first cup with water. You can now go kill Hera, thus killing all the plant life, go back to where you just were and use the bow to burn the plants surrounding the 2nd cup. Once this is complete bring the stairs over to this cup. Go stand on the button the activate the weird view and let this fill up the 2nd cup. Once this is complete take the stairs all the way down as far as you can past where you killed Hera, and past the 3rd cup, but make sure you spin it around so it's now slanted high to low left to right, activate the weird vision with Hera in hand, quickly bring her up the freshly completed staircase and drop her in the cup. Once this is done take the movable stairs and put them on the button to keep the vision activated while you make your way across your completed puzzle. Congratz.
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