The Hera Water Puzzle

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User Info: MrPwnzer

7 years ago#21
Make up your god damn mind. Is the game amazing or a piece of crap?
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User Info: seph47

7 years ago#22

ok dude take that column that u used to open the gate and put it next to the broken step thats near the gat eat the bottom of the screen. you have to rotate it for it to fit with the right thumb stick. Next put hera's body on the tablet that shows the passage way and once. its pretty self explanatory from there

User Info: Lord_Klonopin

7 years ago#23
Yes. 2 scales are filled with water. I've been slinging Hera's drunk ass around for nothing. Do I need do drop acid to figure this out. Smoke a doob? I only have beer, so I guess this puzzle is going to be beyond me.
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User Info: Lord_Klonopin

7 years ago#24
Whoa whoa whoa. This game is great. I never said it was a piece of crap. I think the puzzle absoulutely kill the pacing. It's like ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, snooooooooze. Why the snooooooze? I just hate seeing garbage put in a game just to extend the time to finish it. Best GOW by far. Don't get me wrong hoss.
We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

User Info: MatthewWolfe

7 years ago#25
Are you referring to the second part of the water puzzle? I'll try to do this by memory.

Put the stairs in the top of the screen to fill up the cup. Then move the stairs to the bottom right of the screen and turn them. Make sure Hera is on the switch. Just keep moving it back and forth until it lines up. A little cut scene type moment will trigger if done right.

Then pick her up, walk up the stairs, put her in the cup, stand on the switch, and run.

It's seriously not that difficult. No elitism, this just isn't my first video game with simple puzzles.

User Info: Adaminy

7 years ago#26
you DO realize you have to step on the floor panel to make the stairs line up, right?
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User Info: Tidalface

7 years ago#27
Theory of relativety. The stairs line up perfectly because of your relative vantage point. You solve the puzzle while viewing the scene in this vantage therefore the pieces just fit. From a first person perspective, I too have to wonder how kratos would have solved it if not for me, not to mention actually climb the damn stairs. But if we understood that, our heads might explode.

User Info: jon0592

7 years ago#28
OK so now that you've got the 2 scales filled, bring the staircase as far south as you possibly can. Rotate it so that it's descending from left to right. Bring Hera to the first steps on the right. In normal vision this looks ****ed up as it looks like it wouldn't do anything, but when you go "green vision" it lines up with the rest and you can walk Hera up and drop her into the scale.
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User Info: ThermalWinter

7 years ago#29
On the third cup, push the stair-pillar all the way down between the broken stair-way leading to the cup and make sure its facing the right way. You then step on the plate that activates the green gem. You can actually activate green gem, and then align push the stair-pillar as well. After you drop her in the the cup, you need to push the stair-pillar to the plate to force it down.
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User Info: Lord_Klonopin

7 years ago#30
LOL. I do love gamefaqs for the fact that..... every enemy is easy, every puzzle is easy. Right?

You need to realize not everyone sits around playing videogames all day. You guys are just unbelievably awesome at videogames. Be sure and add that to your resume.
We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.
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