How do kill the Scarecrow helicopter?

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  3. How do kill the Scarecrow helicopter?

User Info: ohgod247

9 years ago#1
Stuck at this part. I believe it's episode 3, level 3. First time I've been stuck on this game. Any help? Thankyou.

User Info: ohgod247

9 years ago#2
Nevermind. I figured it out. Seems like evrytime I type for help on these forums I find out what to do a minute later. Thanks anyways.

User Info: corporealdreams

9 years ago#3
Do share, I'm stuck here too.

User Info: rentalunit

9 years ago#4
yes, please, SOMEONE share. I'm ready to put my fist through the f***ing tv. I've played every lego video game they've done and have NEVER had this much trouble trying to figure out a part.

User Info: Ulic_Belouve

9 years ago#5
Can't figure it out either. I think I knocked one point off the health by using the tow rope on one of my copters, and then doing something after that. I've tried bringing him past the guns when he's on my tow line.

Someone post an answer.

User Info: evilmunky666

9 years ago#6
start to tow him with the chopper then switch to batman and you a missile while it is still in tow

User Info: grog368

9 years ago#7
wow! thanks evilmunky! That had to be the easiest, yet most nonintuitive lego chapter every.

If you're in co-op, it's obvious b/c your friend will see the pink targets if you tow the bi-plane; unfortunately, you don't get the target in single player until after you switch to batman. But easy to kill once you see the pink target.
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  3. How do kill the Scarecrow helicopter?

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