Is there a minikit/red brick guide....

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User Info: Mastadon1

9 years ago#1


User Info: residentevilfrk

9 years ago#2
There was but it was deleted yesterday by the hacked mod account.
Here is the guide to a few levels:
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User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#3
1.1-Fast Grapple (all suits)
In the very end of the level, during the Clayface fight, he will get to two hearts, and jump atop a cage. Use your Batarang on the panels on the left of the cage, after all have been hit, the brick will appear.

1.2-Fast Batarangs (all suits)
When you get to the part where magnetic robin would normally climb the wall and build a grapple for batman you have to use the glide suit to glide down to the right onto the small glass structure and then switch to a strong character to lift the box with the orange handle off of the ladder. Then have your partner stand on the switch and grab the red brick.

1.3-More Batarang Targets (all suits) XWP645
At the end of the level when you are fighting Two-Face in his armored car, you are stick in a little town-square. In the top left corner, next to the big staircase is a little alley. It should be visible from the left of the staircase.

1.4-Flaming Batarang (Heat Protection Suit)
In the final area of the level. Must be obtained in free play. Two tanks are in back left corner. Lever fills first with yellow liquid. Use a detonator to destroy shiny equipment and build another level and a generator. Trip the 2nd lever and use Joker's buzzer to start generator.

1.5-Slam (glide suit) BBD7BY
Towards the end when you are fighting two face, the part with the wind boat . After you build the platforms to cross the toxic waste, change into a character that can handle walking on the waste then place the round bricks into the corresponding holes. Then stand on them in the order on the lock (right to left) then go into the vault all the way.

2.1-More Detonators (demolition Suit)
In the final area of the level. Must be obtained in free play. Use sonic suit to break out a window in left most building.

2.2-Armour Plating (demolition suit)
In the final area of the level. Must be obtained in free play. Use submarine to get torpedoes from back right wall. go to fence in upper right area of level and fire at 4 targets.

2.3-Sonic Pain (sonic suit)
First area of level. Must be obtained in free play. Use Robin/Nightwing Techno-suit to get control of boat in water. Run it over the 3 buoys (quickly, but in any order) to change to green lights

2.4-Area Effect (sonic suit)
Second area of level. Must be obtained in free play. Superjump up the metal stairway in upper left section of area. Bomb the grate, then swim in the water below. Pieces appear at poolside. Build and then collect your brick reward.

2.5-Bats (sonic suit)

3.1-Freeze Batarang (water suit)

3.2-Decoy (technology Suit)

3.3-Fast Walk (magnet suit) ZOLM6N

3.4-Faster Pieces (attract Suit) EVG26J

3.5-Piece Detector (attract suit)

Gamertag : ImpairedMorph

User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#4
1.1 -x2 score
Second area, Free play, climb up the duct on back right area wall with magnet suit, sonic break the window. Pull down the arrow and use the pieces to make a car. Drive it to the left all the way back to the compactor. Clear the operators way with a batarang and mind control him to compact the car. crush it for the brick.

1.2 -x4 score
second area, free play. Use the silver grate in the upper right corner. use toxin resistant person to go into tube and smash all inside score multiplier room. construct and use a ladder and once out, fall to right of hole. smash the cone and construct and use a lever to make a walkway. next area, use pieces to repair equipment to get brick.

1.3-x6 score
Second area, Free play. bomb the door on the upper left balcony and bust up everything inside. pick up 25 pieces with the attract suit and use the attracto machine to build a little cake car. Use techno suit to drive cake car into the oven on the back wall.

1.4-x8 score
Third area, Free play. Bomb the locked door along the back wall (about halfway through the room) Use a toxin tolerant character to bust up everything and build a projector with the remains. in next room, bust up everything and jump on red switch 3 times. It turns on the disco. step on the floor tiles in the order they lit up and the brick is yours.

1.5-x10 score 18HW07

2.1-Stud Magnet

2.2-Character Studs

2.3-Minikit Detector
At the end of chapter while fighting the police boat you will see a multicolored brick wall smash through with robins watercraft once inside you will see a gate destroy the gate and the brick is located inside.

2.4-Power Brick Detector
After getting out of sewers defeat the policemen and then switch to batman's sonic and press the B button break the water cooler glass then destroy the rest of water cooler. after doing that use the parts laying on the floor to build a cannon to break the mirrors in that room go through the newly opened entrance and the red brick is located inside.

2.5- Always Score Multiply

3.1-Fast Build

3.2-Immune to Freeze JXUDY6

3.3- Regenerate Hearts

3.4-Extra Hearts ML3KHP

3.5- Invincibility WYD5CP
Gamertag : ImpairedMorph

User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#5
1.1 - You can bank on Batman

1. (S) Kill some goons, then head up the small alley and pull the lever to the small gate. Build the grapple hook point, and grapple up to the fire escape. There will be a lever perched on the ledge above, pull it and jump down to where you started, the minikit behind the gate will be open.
2. (S) After grabbing that first one go back up the fire escape and take the ladder farther along the ledge and climb up the ladder to find a purple stud and another kit.
3. (S) Keep an eye out for 5 phone booths, after the last one a minikit will pop up. The minkit detector will point all 5 of these out.
4. (FP) In the first area, you will need the Sonic Batman and break some glass to grab a kit.
5. Progress farther and you will see a dumpster covering a silver manhole. Use a Superstrength to lift the dumpster and Demo Batman to blow up the man hole.
6. Next you will come across the street blocked by some toxic waste. Use a person who can walk across the waste and build the truck. When you drive the truck out of the way there will be a restricted area you need a baddie to get to. Open it up and enjoy the minikit.
7. This one is a bit tricky. I dont know the exact location. You will need to find a high tightrope above a street and use a Bat Bomb to open a silver window pane again.
8. Almost at the boss battle, where the road splits up and down, on the middle street there will be a red door block, you will need superstrength to open the door, behind it is a kit.
9. By the micro-car, have robin use his Attract-Suit and collect 25 pieces, then use the Sonic Gun to break the glass and fill 'er up for the ninth kit.
10. In the underground garage, talk to the baddie door guy and pull the lever he reveals. Take the sports cars and park them in their respective slots.

1.2 - An Icy Reception

1 - Destroy blocks on the right side of the screen to get a build it ledge and jump up with a double jumper, keep jumping to the last ledge. (Double Jumper)
2 - Right next to the first Minikit is a window, destroy it(I had to use batarangs). (Double Jumper)
3 - Destroy a box in the middle with a bomb, there will be a build it switch, and then go to the left side and destroy the stand to get build it pieces for the truck, drive the truck over to the middle glass and then pull the lever. Destroy the Ice cream. (Demolitions)
4 - Use strength on a vent behind the ice cream truck. (Strength)
5 - Behind a Riddle Door in the begining, you will have to double jump up the ledges.(Riddle Door, Double Jumper)
6 - Past the first gate (that you have to batarang in story), Double jump on the ledge to the right, then blow up the two silver objects. (Demolition, Double Jumper)
7 - On the second screen, after you get to the magnet wall, glide over to a Heart Door and use a female character to get in, then use a bomb on the object in the back and just walk over to it. (Glider, Heart Door, Demolition)
8 - On the third screen, use a ooze character to get inside the gas room in the begining and blow up the box. (Ooze Walker, Demolition)
9 - Instead of going into the door to the boss, go down the ladder on the left side and glide over to a bombable door. (Glider, Demolition)
10- Use a controlling character just past minikit 9 to have the scientist pull the switch. (Glider, Mind Controler)

Gamertag : ImpairedMorph

User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#6
1.3 - Two Face Chase

1 - Destroy three Green Stands. 1- near the very begining behind a white fence. 2- Near the Bat Signal in the second area, just south. 3- Use a heavy vehicle (Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck) to break the silver fence in the third area. (Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck)
2 - Destroy three objects in the first area, sorry I couldn't see what they were, but just
shoot everything. (any vehicle)
3 - Destroy Sewer to the south in the first area. (any vehicle)
4 - Destroy blue trash can to the south, second area (any vehicle)
5 - Destroy three blue and silver cars in the second area (any vehicle)
6 - Destroy the scaffoldings in the begining of the second area. (any vehicle)
7 - Destroy the scaffoldings at the end of the second area (any vehicle)
8 - Use Joker's Van on the Joker pad below the ramp under the bat signal. (The Joker's Van)
9 - Use Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck on the Harley pad under the Joker pad. (Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck)
10- in the field with the trees, destroy the phone booths. (any vehicle)

1.4 - A Poisonous Appointment

1 - Build the carrots in the first garden and then destroy them all. (Any)
2 - double jump onto some vines near the building and then jump up to the ledge. (Double Jumper)
3 - In second area, use the Heat Suit to get into the room, then pull the switch and use the tech station to flower the plants. (Heat Protection Suit, Technology Suit)
4 - Use a strength character to push the glass rose after the second set of vines, then use the fan to get on the flowers, then jump on each one to the last one. (Strength, maybe Double Jumper)
5 - Destroy 3 different items to get carrots. 1- Near the venus, a pot.(second area) 2- After the Heat Protection Suit, a trash can.(third area) 3- A pair of red tubes.(fourth area) and then use the fan.
6 - Destroy some plants at the end of the second area and build the giant plant, them jump over to the ledge, then look in the corner. (Any)
7 - Use the water suit(or Killer Croc) on the third area begining.
8 - Use a double jump on the second plant that pops open to get to a ledge, then use
the magnet wall to get to the top, then finally blow up the canister and destroy the blocks to build a turner that opens the tube.(be careful, without a double jumper you can't get out of the tube) (Double Jumper, Magnet Suit, Demolition)
9 - In the fourth area, come towards the screen and go the the right, you have to have the Heat Suit to get it. (Heat Protection Suit)
10- Walk through the ooze or glide over to the ledge on the back wall. (Ooze Walker or Glider)
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User Info: Mastadon1

9 years ago#7
thanks for this!!

User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#8
it's all i could find
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User Info: Grovel

9 years ago#9
Sweet, thanks
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User Info: Morph TK

Morph TK
9 years ago#10
Gamertag : ImpairedMorph
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