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Not a team player in The Dark Night level

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User Info: jadeune217

9 years ago#1

So, I'm stuck.

I have made the disco ball, and the speakers, and even Robin's little change pad thing.

So, I go out onto the dancefloor, and I guess my sidekick is supposed to go to the other white square, and then the squares turn green. Well, I go to the white square, and my partner just stands there, I've restarted the level several times, and still get the same thing. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?

User Info: brute_strength

9 years ago#2
Have you tried swapping over to the other character and move onto the other green one?

User Info: jadeune217

9 years ago#3

Indeed, and when I move to go to the other square, I get followed, like the extra doesnt stay there. So I tried using the dummy charater that you can get with Robin in the tech suit, and going over, but still nothing... the only way that he'll go is if the squares are right next to each other.... and then he gets stupid again when they move apart....

User Info: kjrunaas

9 years ago#4

I know this isn't the best work-around. But I found it to work in Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones where I've had the same issue. We just had the same problem on our desktop - the least robust of our computers.

I don't know if you have access to another computer, but here are the steps to try it on a different stronger computer:

1. Find the location of the save file - under Vista it should be:

c:\users\Jennifer\AppData\Local\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\Lego Batman\Saved Games

2. Save the file (SaveGame0.LEGO Batman_SavedGame {game slot #1}) to a thumb drive

3. Rename the file (if needed) to reference a slot that isn't used for the new computer. SaveGame5. (see step 2)

4. Copy the file from the thumb drive to the new computer

5. Start up Lego Batman, Load the "new" game

6. Play the game, get past the level

7. Quit

8. Save the new Saved Game (see step 2 again) to the thumb drive

9. Rename if you did step 3

10. Copy the file from the thumb drive to the Saved Game location (again see step #2)

10. Restart Lego Batman

11. If it worked, you should see a small difference in percentage completed and then when you go into the Joker's Revenge, you should see access to Chapter 5

Good Luck!

-- Jennifer

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