LEGO game idea: LEGO Marvel Vs. DC

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User Info: SiLeNtHiLlDoRk

8 years ago#1
With the release of LEGO Batman, there's no reason why there shouldnt be a LEGO Marvel Vs. DC. All the Superheroes and Supervillains you could ever want. From Ghost Rider to Invisible Woman and from Lex Luthor to Whiplash, I'm pretty much giving out gold for any developer. What do you guys think???????????????????
"It's being invaded by the Otherworld. A world of someone's nightmarish delusion's come to life." - Harry Mason, (Silent Hill 1)

User Info: OrgeLambart

8 years ago#2
maybe a Marvel or DC game but the odds are getting the two together would be nearly impossible, and the rights to the charaters would be overly priced.

Plus take into account the various deals each company has in place with various companies about the likenesses etc of the charaters and you'll see how it wouldn't work.

Although a Lego Marvel Superheroes game would be pretty nice. I'm not a huge fan of DC, after Superman and Batman its pretty thin pickins
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