ertyus review of Ghostbusters the videogame (spoilers warings)

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User Info: TreyMcAlexander

8 years ago#1
ok i have been playing the Ghostbusters game for a couple of days. I am only renting the game so far i have played about 2hr and 30 mins of the game. gotten past the first two levels of the game. its a relly good game better then that crappy Nes version of the ghostbusters games i rember playing as a kid in the past .

Main story of the game you play a 5th ghostbuster. Who is in training with the other ghostbusters from the movie. its surpose to take place after the second one i guess you can use their proton packs to zap the ghost .You see in the game and also use ghost traps to caputre the ghost in the game to earn money to upgrade your proton pack in the game you also use your PKE meter to help you find ghost in the game.

Rating of the game i give 7 out of 10 worth a rent

First level in the game you going to a hotel to chase after Slimer who had esacped from the GBHQ and you have to recaputer him.

in the second mission of the game your in the down twon streets of the new york and you have to take down the staypuff marshmallow man oh ya time to make some smores

im in mission 3 of the game your in a libary for this mission more to come on the game when i play out more
i am the game you people are still just the players
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User Info: NoPointMade

8 years ago#2
i give this review a 3/10

User Info: Jack-Du-Ripper

8 years ago#3
^^ I give this post 9/10, 9.5/10 including his name
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User Info: KevM74

8 years ago#4
Anybody else want to review the first 2 hours? Anybody?
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