online anyone?

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User Info: FoxZerro

5 years ago#11
I am totally up for taking a stab at online. I was out of the country and unfortunately did not have the ability to play online. Still I have racked up plenty of flight hours in single player and prior to leaving got myself down to only needing two of the most wanted ghosts and becoming Gozer's most wanted as well

PSN name is FoxZerro

I am usually on between 4:20 PM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time Tues-Thurs. I can also be on anytime after 8 any day of the week. Let's come see and kick this game's ass!
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User Info: Dirtydan84

5 years ago#12
just started this game again. add me. I need the online trophies.

psn id: Dirtydan84
PSN: dirtydan84

User Info: dark_mannequin

5 years ago#13
I need to get online play too if anyone is available.
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