It's Not Bugged: How To Pick Up Pipe Bombs

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User Info: ZeroRaider

8 years ago#1
I have discovered that many, many people who play this game have all encountered the same apparent bug: you can't pick up pipe bombs! Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is no bug. This is the game completely failing at telling you how to use pipe bombs.

They are like grenades. You can only hold 2 at a time max. If you can no longer pick up pipe bombs, chances are you've already got two. Now you just need to learn how to switch to pipe bombs, something the game doesn't tell you anywhere. Here's how:

Hold B, use the joystick to select pipe bombs, then press RB to throw.

May this piece of advice make your achievement whoring much easier!

User Info: silent_hillian2

8 years ago#2
THANK YOU! It was driving me crazy not picking up pipe bombs everytime I walked by one.
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User Info: garyst

8 years ago#3
ZeroRaider you are a legend i was trying to press Y and everything. Just like everything else in this game rushed out.

User Info: Endless_Whisper

8 years ago#4
So do you have to hold down all 3 buttons @ the same time? I've done the b button & selected the pipe bombs, but after that I let go & ended up chuckin a grenade lol. I just restarted the whole game after realizing i'd have to play thru it again on hard to get an achievement. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

User Info: LostHisHardcore

8 years ago#5
No, Just hold down the 'B' button. A selection of the weapons you're holding appears, Ghost Recon style.
Use the left stick to select the pipe bombs.

Props to ZeroRaider for finding this out. :)
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User Info: Endless_Whisper

8 years ago#6
So I did it the holding all 3 at the same time & it worked for me. The problem I have is that there r 2 terminators, I blow up the 1 closest to the team, then 2 secs later a new 1 pops up in it's place while the other 1 is still standing on the opposite wall across from us. Is there supposed to b more than 2? Cuz my ability to use the button combo and aim is crap lol. I'm playing it on hard difficulty btw.

Should I ask somewhere else?

User Info: eatmyshortsdude

8 years ago#7
yeah, there is supposed to be more than two.
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User Info: EnzoF66057

8 years ago#8

My friend just bought this game today. None of us looked at the manual. We quickly skimmed the controls in the options menu, set the invert on and off accordingly to whoever was playing and that was that. We figured out pretty early on how to switch to pipe bombs. I think it's pretty funny that this is such a godly piece of information.

You don't need to hold all three buttons at the same time. XD (again). You hold B and select the pipe bomb. Now you can let go lol Once you do that, it is now your selected throwable object as opposed to your grenade. Pipe bombs and grenades work and look exactly the same, except I think pipe bombs do more damage.

User Info: videotrader3000

8 years ago#9
Holy S! thanks
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